Precious Moments

Precious Moments

The week started with quiet time, starting a new Edwardian mystery and continuing with Robert Scott’s biography…all before nine o’clock 🧐

At nine the girls begun their workbooks whilst I attacked some of the mold growing in our bathroom. Whilst I was there I suddenly got the cleaning bug and cleaned the doorway area of our kitchen, cleaning all the spice jars, wiping down the walls and front door.

Abigail hadn’t been feeling very well all morning. She opted not to bake but to read another chapter of the baking business book and the next couple of sections in her health and safety qualification:

As she didn’t feel well for the rest of the week, each of her interest led learning slots were spent finishing her courses. Abs finished both her Level Two diploma in Food Hygiene and Safety (She got 83% on the exam which she just found out as I took this photo):

Bless her heart – she still felt sick, hence the pan!

And her Food Allergy Level Two, which she got 90% in the exam – not bad considering she been sick all week. Next week she will begin a level three diploma in Baking and Cake Decoration next week.

During her interest led learning, Becca started replicating the next Vincent Van Gogh:

Her sewing machine has been deemed irreparable as it is so old. I have one my late dad bought me, so I am toying with the idea of gifting her that for her birthday. I really want her to continue learning to sew because she finds it so joyous. Her birthday isn’t for a few weeks so she’ll probably spend the next while painting.

The afternoons differed as usual and I spent a week focusing on writing activities. This was for two reasons. The first is that Becca historically really struggles with spelling and although she does spelling every day, I wanted to check if her knowledge was trickling down to her writing. The second is that we only have three more weeks until their presentation and they have a newspaper which needs filling up!

Monday afternoon we started Zoology and learnt about matching and hatching in birds. The girls wrote some notes, drew cartoons about the life cycle of a bird and carried out a comprehension exercise about garden birds:

We had a great afternoon on Tuesday, learning about Sir Earnest Shackleton (a relative of ours!). The girls had fun reading about him, did a comprehension exercise and wrote a diary of his ‘Nimrod’ expedition:

Wednesday afternoon was spent learning a bit more about the Suffragettes. Abigail will be doing a presentation on Votes for Women. The girls completed a persuasive mini essay on giving women the votes, a comparison between how women were treated pre and post war and began to learn the Mary Poppins’ song ‘Sister Suffragettes’ with Lillie:

At the same time as Ads helping Lillie with her maths:

Thursday we focused on the Titanic, as I read ten more pages of the very excellent primary evidence picture books I bought. I also read another first hand account of one of the survivors and we worked a way through another scenario in our ‘You Choose’ Titanic book. The girls then wrote acrostic poem and an article pretending they were a survivor and were writing an account for the newspaper about the night the Titanic went down.

Whilst they were working on that, I popped down to the shed to get some photos of Thomas who was working on some music related stuff:

And Lillie, who was working on her fairy project for uni:

Lillie had just completed a commission for a young lady who had recently had a very late miscarriage:

So very sad 😞