Precious Moments

This week has been one of those satisfyingly good weeks. We are getting into a familiar and very comfortable rhythm with school. Resources I had bought have worked particularly well and have more than sufficiently been worth the money we parted with. Our reading for the week has been particularly enjoyable. And the girls have worked very well independently, as well as together on creative endeavours.

Thomas has been out to work each day, and was delighted to hear he has an interview for a job he is particularly interested in. Lillie has begun university and is just on fire with excitement…she might just be one of the most enthusiastic students they have ever come across. The head of the whole uni, who was showing Lil where she needed to go, looked her up and down (at her purple hair, her many piercings, her jewellery hanging off every extremity and her home made, home decorated and graffitied trousers) and said ‘Yup, you’re gonna fit in here perfectly!’ And so was Lillie’s first experience of mainstream education.

Charlotte has been so well lately that I hardly recognise her. She is almost entirely back to her normal, cheeky, wonderful self. I’d forgotten how exhausting she can be when she’s not exhausted! She is currently studying Criminal Profiling as well as writing a crime novel. As you can imagine, her search history looks decidedly dodgy at the moment 😁

Feeding eight mouths, four of them teens, means that food barely touches our cupboard shelves, mainly traversing straight from the grocery bags into the many mouths of the family which seem to be permanently open and ready to receive (think baby birds, although gratefully I don’t have to pre-chew!). I am currently shopping daily, to make sure we actually do have some food left over for the people who are out of the house working.

The older girls take it in turns to come shopping with me. There is much enthusiasm for this, although I am under no illusion that it has anything to do with actually spending time with their mum. Oh, no. It is for the possibility to influence what goes in the basket. I spend most of my time there monitoring them intensely. As they sneakily place stuff in, I swoop in, remove it, put it back on the shelves and have moved on before they can even get started with the doleful eyes and pleading faces…

The little ones have been super busy this week, continuing their study of Beatrix Potter, and making a diorama of one of the books, Jemima Puddle Duck:

Spot Mr Fox reading a newspaper!

I have been reading Wind in the Willows, which is a fabulous book. We can’t wait to do film night! It is an excellent book for teaching about onomatopoeia and alliteration. Each time the girls heard the writer use either of these two literary devices they yelled it out to me.

Abigail has spent all week recreating the detailed map at the front of the book:

Speaking of which, we had a great Wizard of Oz film night last Saturday. Everyone got involved, if not in activity then by proxy (that is Ads sitting reading the financial times, passing people things whenever required to!):

Click on picture below to read the post:

Wizard of Oz Book and a Film

Our main learning this week has been learning about flight in depth, focusing on Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Wright Brothers and Louis Bleriot. We have had such fun building loads of paper aeroplanes and reading lots of biographies:

Science this week has been all about the classification of leaves, and continuing the experiment on respiration.

I am going to try to get up some interviews with each of my older ones over the next few weeks, so if there is anything anyone wishes to know about them, do drop me a line. I may use them to resurrect my Seasons of Joy posts. Am also thinking Wibbly Wobbly Weight Loss may need to make a come back given how much weight we have collectively put on over lockdown 😎 There’s also lots to catch up on over the last six months…So lots to do and lots to write about!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!