Precious Moments {4th March – 10th March}

This week has been focused on four things – Lillie’s special surprise jewellery making corner; Lillie’s day in London with me; Gary’s parents coming to visit and Lillie having a mole removed from her back.

The week began with us surprising Lillie on her return from church with her very own crafting/jewellery making nook in her bedroom:

I wrote about it here, along with some gorgeous photos of her reaction <3

Thomas was likewise a very happy bunny when he received a key board from church which no longer worked reliably.  He managed to get it started though and is hopeful of using it as he practices some music recording:

He’s getting quite the set up in his bedroom, so much so that very soon there will be no room for him!

Wednesday came, and with it Lil’s long-awaited day out at the Victoria and Albert Museum:

Of course we headed for…..?  You guessed it, the jewellery department!

I managed to get two photos inside before finding out I wasn’t actually allowed to take photos.  Ooops!

We stayed an hour and a half before popping to V & A’s book shop for a couple of purchases, taking a selfie or two:

and (grabbing something to eat along the way), we headed home to our visitors for the week, Granda and Granny.  She was a tired but very happy young lady:

Once home we found everyone else had beaten us home by about ten minutes.  We settled in for the night to catch up with the Northern Irish news:

Thursday morning brought about Lillie’s dreaded minor op.  She has a mole on her back which we have been keeping an eye on for the past wee while which had looked like it might be growing.  A few weeks ago we took her to see the dermatologist who referred her to have it removed on account of my history and it being an ‘ugly duckling’ (a medical term meaning it stood out because it did not look like the other moles on Lil’s body).  We’ll hear back within 4 weeks if it is anything to worry about.

We decided to take everyone shopping to take her mind off the pain.  I haven’t driven for years and am trying to get back into it now that Gary has a work vehicle and I have the family car during the day.  I’m not keen on driving.  My mother had to force me to take my test in my teens, telling me I would regret not taking it.  Personally I regret taking it.  At least if  I had no driving licence I would have a ready-made bona-fide reason never to get into the driving seat of a car.  Ever.  And frankly that would suit me just fine.

I’m not a bad driver, I just don’t enjoy it much.  Anyway, my children have rarely been in the car with me, and as we had Gary’s parents over, I was kinda forced into having to drive because we could not all fit into one car.  Well.  You would have thought I was creating the cure for cancer at the same time as winning the lottery!  For the whole journey, the topic of conversation up for discussion was my driving.  Everyone was being incredibly supportive.  Too supportive.  I was beginning to wonder whether they actually really did have something to worry about.  I don’t enjoy driving at the best of times, but it is even less enjoyable with a running commentary!  And, in fact, at one point I very nearly stopped the car and got out after my youngest twin cheered me on after turning left.  Yes, after turning left.  Her loud, jolly, “Oh, well done Mummy!” along with accompanying clapping, made me jump out of my skin!  Honestly, all I had done was indicated and turned, something her father does regularly and he never gets applause!  And they wonder why I hate driving so much……

The rest of the week has been spent with my lovely in-laws:

They have been teaching A8 to play Sudoku:

and, as seating is a bit sparser on account of there being two extra bodies to accommodate, Thomas is getting very possessive over the seating arrangements, lying across the sofa and refusing to move.  No matter.  His siblings decided if he wouldn’t move they would just make themselves comfortable on top of him:

Ha!  That’ll show him 🙂

If you haven’t already, would you pop over to yesterday’s post about screen and social media use.  I would value any input any of you might like to give in the comments’ section.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with much time spent with those you love <3

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