Precious Moments

I am almost too busy to blog right now.  It is becoming harder and harder to find the time in my day needed to write any post, let alone in depth posts.  I desperately want to capture all my memories in my hands and let the words flow out of my fingers, planting them firmly in history.  Memories are precious, they are a gift, to my children, to all our family across the waters and to myself.  I am almost too busy to live the memories let alone remember them!

I am feeling pressured because outside, online schools are dictating the speed at which we are learning.  The courses must be finished in the prescribed time else we have to pay extra for extra time.  The IGCSEs are set at a pace we are all comfortable with, but Lillie’s A’ Level equivalent in Photography is much, much more time consuming.  Between us we are probably doing five or six hours each day, as the photographs she takes need uploading, editing, printing and notated.  I do all I can to help with the cutting and sticking, uploading and printing, but the rest is on her, and it is considerably harder than her IGCSE level qualifications.  She is exhausted!  But I think really loving all the learning she is doing.  I have gifted her my old camera (for her fifteenth birthday), which is a fabulous Nikon D5100.  She LOVES using it, and obviously has an eye for photography….but my goodness, it’s hard work!

I am thinking I might need to write short posts at the end of each day rather than a long post at the end of the week.  I kept putting off taking photos this week and then today realised it was Friday and I have nothing to show for it.

I did get one shot of my birthday cake that Charlotte and B6 got up early to make for my birthday on Sunday.  I had such a lovely day with my gorgeous family, relaxing and doing absolutely no work all. day. long.  Happy sigh 🙂

I’m thinking B6 ate more than she made <3

I hope you all had a wonderful week and that you all get to spend the weekend having much fun and laughter with loved ones xx