Precious Moments

Well, if last week we were all on fire, this week there has barely been a spark!  I was beginning to fall apart at the seams due to a lack of a space to call my own (ie a bedroom) and a general lack of organisation in our little home school.  I am atrocious at organising anything, except home schooling.  I take that so seriously, I am exceptionally organised.  But not since the builders moved in.  They’ve left now, but my home still isn’t back to normal and I am often left having no clue where something vital homeschooling wise has disappeared to.

By Tuesday I had snapped and left the land of the sane.  I needed a space I could call my own, y’all!  I rarely shout, at anybody, and almost never at Gary.  But I lost it.  Utterly and completely.  I sounded like some self absorbed mad woman.  But in the space of about two hours, and with everyone chipping in, Gary and I were the proud owners of a bedroom:

Granted it only had a bed in it, but really that’s all one needs to become sane again.  And I did.  Become sane, that is.  The utter pleasure of having a space to call my own, to retreat from the world to and to be as introverted as I want in was almost worth the agony of not having one for two weeks.  Almost.  I wasn’t particularly proud of how I behaved, although, to be fair, Gary and Thomas spent most of the time laughing at me!  And, y’know, that was all I needed….not!  Anyway, I ate huge amounts of humble pie the next morning.  And talking of eating…I also weighed myself and saw that I had put on ten pounds.  Ten pounds!!  In two weeks!!  I am SUCH a stress eater, but honestly, how can one person eat the calories required to put on ten pounds?

So this is a quick precious moments.


Thomas has done what is required of him, no more no less.  We had fun watching him ballet dance on stage during our performing arts class, and he has been doing an enormous amount of skate boarding and scootering, whilst Lillie takes lots of photos:

He has hated every moment of English and can not wait until he does not have to do it ever again 🙂


This whole week has been spent trying to get our heads around the level three photography course she is doing.  It is MUCH harder than the art and design and seeing as she has only just started using her camera over the summer, it is really quite hard.  Her images have turned out beautifully, though.  She is already very behind and we are only in week three.  She managed to turn in part of unit on, but the pressure is one.  Have a look at some of her photography though:



Charlotte has been my knight in shining armour helping out with the little ones.  She did a fabulous writer’s workshop with them which they enjoyed SO much:

She also wrote me an incredible poem and posted it on her blog.  It made me cry my eyes out, because let’s face it, I was not going to win any prizes for good mothering this week.  But I needed to hear those words of hers and I think she knew that.

A9 and B6 have been busy with their work this week, but because of me, haven’t been nearly as productive as normal.  The last couple of days have been busier and more like I want them to be.  The poor things.  Their teacher went AWOL on Tuesday……

Next week’s another week, and hopefully we’ll be back on tract and mother won’t have any more breakdowns 😉