Precious Moments

There is not too much to write about this week.  The older ones have been taking one past paper after another to prepare for their upcoming exams.  I have been working hard along side Thomas, who was feeling the strain last week.  It has paid off though because he is feeling a little more relaxed about next Thursday (when he sits the exam).  The girls have been doing their English papers and I think feel fairly happy with their work.

I guess the most exciting news this week is A8 recording her part in Raggedy Doll for an audio book of the same play:

She had such a great time even though it took the cast hours to record the whole play.

This is the only photo I have for this week.  We had a lovely weekend shopping for a new bath.  Our bath and shower area are now leaking so badly the water has not only come right through to the living room but has caused the paint to bubble and burst and the plaster to start coming off the wall.  We have tried everything but nothing has worked to stop it.  We live in a 200 year old cottage so damp really is not good.  I suggested we buy a free standing bath, moving it well away from any walls, and getting rid of the shower.  We only have one bathroom so getting rid of this shower will mean no more showers for anyone.  I was surprised when everyone agreed.  We were so blessed by an incredible sale.  The bath alone was going to cost over £1000 but we managed to get a free standing bath, toilet and sink, as well as taps, a hand shower and towel rack for £400 on account of them being ex-display.  This was 1/6 of the actual ticket price for them all.  Needless to say we were very happy bunnies.  We will now need to save up to have it fitted.  Meanwhile it will be living in the soon to be (one day) teen nook at the bottom of the garden.

We were also blessed by mum, who decided to buy herself some lovely red leather furniture and gave us her beautiful white leather sofa and chair, all with a reclining/foot rest mechanism.  I’m going to take a photo of that right now!

There, isn’t it lovely?

That’s it for this week.  I hope you have all had a wonderful week <3