Precious Moments

It’s been another quiet week on the school side of things but very noisy on the coughing side of things with all of us down, to some degree, with a cold and flu type bug.  I am once again so grateful to have Gary as my husband.  For the two days I was feeling rotten he came home from work, sent me to bed with a cup of tea and hot water bottle and made dinner for the family whilst I did absolutely nothing.  Thanks sweetheart, I do appreciate and love you so much!

Here is our not very productive week in collage:

Ribbet collage1B

The week got off to a great start with Mothering Sunday.

  1. My beautiful hand-painted card from L11
  2. My equally beautiful hand-made cushion from C11
  3. A completely original mine craft card from T12.  He created me a world of which the heart was one small part
  4. We spent the day with my mum at the beach and had such a lovely relaxing time.  I love the sea!

Ribbet collage51E

  1. This was T finishing filming the last section of his play with Gary.  Since then we have hit  a wall as he attempts to edit it and transfer it onto dvd.  It seems we were missing a lead to be able to do so.  We sent off for a new one which arrived today.  Hopefully, we will have it figured out in time for Thursday!
  2. I have been having fun watching my two girls giggling over a ‘bride’s book’ which belonged to my Granny, their great Granny.  They’ve been squealing over the advice to ensure the house is clean and the children under control before the husband comes home!  ‘Mummy, you fail in almost every way!’ they enthusiastically tell me.  ‘I know,’ I grin happily, looking around at the constant array of mess which constitutes our living room and my extremely unruly children smearing all manner of chalk, crayons and lip stick everywhere.  The children are smiling, as am I.  And I know, that whilst Gary would love to (and possibly even dreams of) coming home to a quiet, tidy home he is happy with his lot of unruly children throwing themselves at him as he walks in the door, all clambering for a hug, and always making them wait (just as his father has done all his life) whilst he gives me a quick kiss.  Yes, life is messy but very good in deed!
  3. The book, which is causing so much hilarity in our house
  4. It’s a wrap!


Ribbet collage1AThe story of the week involved a dead mouse which caused much excitement down the ranks.

  1. When it was first discovered the children called for an investigation into its death.  This is what a daily diet of an episode of ‘Murder She Wrote’ does to your children.  Everything is now a mystery to be solved.  T cordoned off the area, whilst he fetched his detective set
  2. He painted the outline of the body before he allowed himself to move it
  3. C11 drew it, taking copious notes of all his findings.  She was pretending to be the reporter and would be writing a ‘who done it’ article following the completion of a full investigation
  4. Here T is picking it up to observe it for any injuries.  He had planned on dissecting it, but at the last-minute decided not to.  Very sensible I say!

Ribbet collage1C

This collage is all about my girls.

  1. B3 building a very colour coordinated house out of Mathusee bricks.  Good to see them being put to use!
  2. Happy, giggly girls
  3. Again, my girls are causing much fun in our house this week, as they try their hand at MY yoga video.  They shout out to me that I will no way be able to do anything in the dvd, because it’ll be too hard for someone of, ahem, my size!  Now, if they’d have said that about anything else, I probably would have been the first to agree.  But I have a secret weapon which makes yoga impossibly easy for me, even with my bulk of a body.  I am completely double jointed.  So to some rather bemused onlookers I hunkered down into the splits after showing them how easy it was to place both hands flat on the floor whilst keeping both legs straight (which they were unable to do, I might add!), proving to the girls that it has nothing to do with size, more flexibility.  It may not have been elegant and it absolutely was not a pretty sight, but the look of renewed respect was well worth the discomfort of then trying to get myself upright again!
  4. Here B3 is trying out her new blow up bed which she will use whenever we go and visit Ireland.  She has since been wandering round the house declaring to all who will listen just how much she loves her ‘monster bed’

Ribbet collage1D

Last but not least was about the only truly education thing we felt well enough to do this week – dolls clothes for the knight’s lady.  for the full post on how C and I did it see here.  We were terribly pleased with the results and very relieved that they were done in time for next week’s presentation.

Next week might be a bit quiet whilst we work towards our medieval feast, but I’ll be sure to share all about it the week after!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with much fun with friends and family.

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