Precious Moments

Oooh, I’m so behind.  I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland:


The date?  My precious Moments post of course!  All of the UK has been on half term and whilst I hadn’t planned for us to be doing very little all week, the children’s friends were all off school and available to play, so we had a week of socialising.  All those people who are so scared my children will end up unsocialised can stop worrying, well for this week in any case 🙂  As an introvert I have felt almost over-socialised, but the benefits have out weighed this as I have managed some one-to-one time with three of my closest friends.  For whatever reason, we managed to have time without all our collective children and it was like balm to the soul.

I did take lots of photos but they are all very unrelated to one another, so this week’s precious memories are a bit hodge podge!  No matter!  Enjoy…..

Gary spent a few days marshaling at Wentworth Golf club for the PGA championships.  He is given lots of Hugo Boss clothing which he has to wear whilst marshaling.  He just loved the fact that his cap had the words ‘Boss’ on them and kept reminding the children that he was ‘Da Boss!’:


Our home and garden is looking particularly lovely in the sun (so long as I am careful which parts I photograph!).  I was out admiring our shed and took this photo:


We have started painting the shed.  Thomas says it looks like someone has puked onto our garden!


Funnily enough the paint is Willow Green not Puke Green, but some people can’t be told….


Gary and I love it!  I think it makes it look un-shed like and more summer house-like.  Yes, I’m all for illusions:


We have a little bit of space at the side which I think we will make a black board/ art area and maybe sand area for the little girls:


Thomas has been working alongside his little sisters, helping them put together a weather-vane as part of their science studies into weather:


I had to laugh at B5’s too large shoes.  I think they belong to L13!  Although I have just noticed that Thomas is wearing my sandals!  Does no-one wear their own shoes in this house?!


My youngest twin cracks me up, all. the. time.  She is honestly hilarious.  I had to take a photo because she had just spent about an hour trying to get her twin and I to understand why she was so upset over Lise’s death in War and Peace.  Oh my!  I’m thinking if Tolstoy was still alive she would have contacted him and had him rewrite his book just so Lise could live!  Of course L and I couldn’t care less whether Lise lived or died, we didn’t know who she was!  But Charlotte obviously cared deeply:


Isn’t she just gorgeous?


I just want to eat her up!


Of course her twin is just as lovely, but couldn’t be more different in terms of her interests.  She is just as passionate, only it is not over literature but art.  She has spent this week creating a couple of mixed media pieces.  One is for the teen nook to remind her friends of how special they are:


It uses the words of the sign I bought for her last year, to remind her of how special she is 🙂  She made hers to emphasise the words she particularly wanted her friends to focus on:





She also made one for her bedroom.  L13 is typically artsy and very messy.  She tidied her bedroom yesterday until it was spotless.  Today, just a few short hours later, it is a heap once more.  Being equally artsy, I don’t have a leg to stand on.  Mine is just as bad.


Her sign is another Pooh quote and says ‘One of the advantages of being disorganised is that one is always having surprising discoveries!’


I am beginning to think B5 is going to take after her in the art department.  These are two pictures she has done pretty much all by herself.  The first is an attempt at copying the mixed media art of her sister:


I thought she did such a lovely job!



And the second was a drawing, which she did completely free hand, of a cat from one of the art curricula we are reviewing:


She really enjoyed this and learnt lots of colouring in techniques in the process:


Of course, she had to do it dressed in the cat suit I had bought at the local charity for pennies.  After she had finished her art, I caught her taking some sneaky selfies….


Afterwards her lovely sister painted her face to complete the look:


Last but not least is L13 taking the time to have simple art lessons with her little sisters.  I woke up one morning and came into the living room.  All the chores had been done and L was teaching A7 and B5 to do some blow painting:


It was such a lovely sight, and the girls were having a lovely time.

Well, a day late, but there you have it.  A week full of socialising, art, reading and science experiments…oh and we did a maths lesson each day too.  Not bad really.  It felt a very unproductive week, but I should know by now, just because I feel unproductive does not mean the children have been equally so.  They just quietly get on with all that takes their fancy, creating, making music, and becoming a part of the books they read.

What a very lovely week <3

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of fun and laughter and all the people you love most in the world!

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