Precious Moments

This week has been full of delicious learning mixed with some very frustrating home ‘improvements’.  The bath, which already had a broken side panel and broken plug, suddenly gave up the will to live splitting by the taps and leaking water down the back wall and into the living room.  We bit the bullet and decided to get a new bath and as part of our ‘bathroom learning’ this week the children could learn a bit of plumbing, as well as cleaning.  This was a bad decision (although, really, what was the other option?).  Gary had two days off at the beginning of the week and so began the looooong process of trying to find a bath the same size and height of the bath which had broken.  It was not to be.  Nowhere, and I do mean nowhere, on this island was there a bath with the same dimensions.  So we got a bog-standard one and Gary began fitting it with T’s help.  Oh. my. goodness.  Almost a week later and we haven’t finished.


Almost every problem one might have had, the boys encountered.  Gary was actually beginning to wish he wasn’t quite so handy (he really is amazing in the whole DIY department), and that we had paid a plumber to come and do the job.  That said, with each hurdle (and there were many) he came up with a solution.  We were hoping it would be finished so that we could have gone to work cleaning it and making it all look sparkling new, only today he is in bed with nasty abdominal cramps.

On a brighter note, at the weekend, whilst doing some last-minute shopping for supplies, we noticed a vendor selling candy floss.  Now we would never usually stop to buy something which is so lurid in colour and basically 100% sugar, but for some reason B5 had asked for some for her birthday back in February and we had been unable to find any.  As she has never tasted it before we thought the children could all share a bag:


They have also discovered the joys of Playmobil which my older ones spent almost their entire childhood playing with.  It is lovely to see it being brought out again.  Oh, and Gary quite enjoys it too:


As this week has been our fun week, my precious moments post will be a little different.  This is mainly because I want to write more detailed posts next week.  For now I will leave you with a few collages of all we have done.

The littles have spent the week dressing as princesses and learning about beautiful girlhood and being cheerful at all times 🙂


The older girls have been learning about what being Godly actually means, as well as creating their own wall art, learning from an older Godly woman and (with varying degrees of success) cooking an omelette each for their dinner:


whilst T has been learning the importance of judging a situation justly, plumbing (lots of plumbing!) and the chemistry of proteins:


I will be writing a separate post on the little one’s week, the older girl’s week and T’s week but for now here are my girls enjoying some time in the kitchen together:


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of love and equal amounts of fun!