Precious Memories

Life is returning to some sort of normality after an incredibly busy couple of weeks.  The busyness culminated in the children’s cabaret night, in which Gary was drumming and my four older children were singing.  It was wonderful to see them all, but B3 had simply had enough of the busy days and late nights and was very restless throughout the whole concert.  Having just recently given up napping during the day she has begun again in earnest, needing to go down for a couple of hours each morning.

Ribbet collagefri2

Ribbet collagefri3

That weekend we were all very tired and crabby.  Fortunately life soon rights itself after some sleep and days which don’t involve rushing from one activity to another.  This week has felt good in its slowness.  School has continued as normal.  A5 is really taking off with her reading and finished the first book of All About Reading.  In addition her confidence is also growing in maths, which she has always loved but likes to have me nearby.  This week she has wanted to do more and more by herself:

Ribbet collagefri1

Much fun has been had out in the garden, on the trampoline, picking the seemingly never ending harvest of our plum tree and taking many, many photos of nature.  Speaking of which, T12 is particularly fanatical about his photography and itching to get his blog where he would be able to share his photos with cyberspace

Ribbet collagefri4

I thought I’d share a couple of his photos.  He has a real eye, I think, for finding the beauty around him:

Ribbet collagetphoto

I am really enjoying my time with younger two girls in the kitchen.  Any time anyone is in there, one or both of the little ones will be begging to join in.  This week we made some healthy wholemeal seeded pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips inside served with half fat crème fraiche:

Ribbet collagecook

And just one more photo, captured whilst T12 was teaching the girls how the video camera works:

DSC_0314all together
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with much love and laughter!

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