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This week has been all about the Victorians and writing, writing and more writing.  Thing is, pictures of everyone writing are not very interesting so photos are a bit thin on the ground.

Although we are officially celebrating Father’s Day this weekend by a trip to the beach and lunch out (a huge treat for a family the size of ours), the girls wanted to make last Sunday special for their Daddy also.  So they made home-made cards with words of love for the wonderful man who they are blessed to call their father.  We also made him an Ulster fry (except, to be honest, it was definitely more an English fry!):



We are really looking forward to our day at the beach.

On the Monday I had a very special morning out, and felt a bit like it was Mother’s Day!  Some friends from church have been teaching me to crochet (which takes immense patience because I really am not a natural crocheter!).  On Monday they had invited me to go to a local town to visit a shop called the ‘Fluffatorium’.  I mean, how could I say no to a shop called ‘Fluffatorian’?  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was like a peak into what Heaven could be like.  Every single inch of the shop was covered floor to ceiling with crafting supplies!  I wasn’t going to buy anything but when the shop owner came over and chatted to me about needle felting I fell in love.  No, not with the shop keeper, but with the idea that there existed a craft where you could sit stabbing felt fluff to your heart’s content and end up (theoretically, anyway) with a usable and beautiful hand crafted item.  I could imagine each night merrily stabbing away, ridding myself of the day’s stress, and pop the resultant (lovingly made) craft into my pressie drawer and call it a job well done!  Oh, this was sooo made for me 🙂  Lucy sent Gary a photo of me, kits in hand, with a big ‘Sorry’ next to it!

I was right as well.  On our return I sat for about a minute and a half stabbing away and created the following heart with a flower in the middle.  Just from fluff.  In a minute and a half.

Ribbet collage

Never has a craft suited me more than this and I am SO excited.  It requires no skill.  No knowledge.  I can be my normal haphazard, careless self and STILL end up with a beautiful product at the end.  I reiterate.  I am soooo excited!

That night I spent a couple of happy hours with the same girls learning how to crochet a granny square.  It took me the whole of those two hours to make just one and even that one I had some how messed up.  Honestly, I’ve never met girls who are more patient than these:


I am so not a naturally crocheter 🙁

Apart from immense amounts of writing the children have been playing board games:


Learning about Queen Victoria:


Creating invitations for the upcoming jewellery party:


Mending Thomas’ jewellery (he wears a cross on a leather strap which Lillie made for him):


Ha, I love this photo.  Thomas may very well kill me though and you may see it disappear…..

Lillie had a lovely friend around to do a mixed media lesson with her:


This is a devotional ‘You are a Masterpiece’ course from Alisha Gratehouse.  They were at it for almost three hours!


Today Thomas and A7 are busy making a mint and honey iced drink and a Bay leaf bath soak for their Daddy:


The happy, laid back days of summer are almost upon us……(if it could just stop raining for longer than ten minutes)    🙂

Have a lovely weekend all!

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Needle felting is the best! When Naomi was in hospital for over a month, someone brought her a needle felting penguin kit and it was great, we jabbed our frustration into polystyrene and wound up with a family of adorable little penguins 🙂 Your heart is really pretty, I foresee some beautiful crafts in your future.

  2. What a lovely post. Everything in it is just happy, happy. Your little craft is as cute as can be. I have never even heard of needle felting. I think you are making more headway on your crocheting than I ever did on mine. I am glad you are still keeping at it. Glad I checked in early before Thomas sees the post.;)LOL I hope y’all have a lovely day at the coast. Send some rain our way. We are melting over here! Hugs, my friend.

  3. I’ve wanted to try needle felting forever – the end products are always so earthy and whimsical looking. And, a store called “Fluffatorium”? That’s just fantastic – I want to go!!!

  4. ‘Really enjoyed reading this. ‘Sounds like lots of fun and love going on! Blessings. 🙂

  5. I enjoy needle felting too. I’ve made pigs and birds from Angry Birds for my youngest and a few play toys for our cat. So fun and soothing to my stress levels these days…

  6. Wow! At least you are having a productive week….we’ve been too slow! I’ve not done needle felting but I am intrigued now 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  7. That is really interesting- I’d never even heard of needle felting before! Looks like you all had a lovely week 🙂 Hope the rain stops for you!

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