Plans for an Easy-peasy Christmas Season

Christmas is usually our silly manic period, but this year we decided to try to recreate the relaxed Christmases we always took for granted in Ireland.  I have a few activities which the children have written on slips of paper and popped into our Advent calendar:


These are simple activities, some we do every year such as make some cinnamon and apple sauce decorations:

This year they were 7 and A5 was 1

others are simple home-made fun activities like paper chain making and snow flake cutting:

DSC_0212christmas chains

We will continue with our maths each morning, and the little ones have their Mr Men school to finish, whilst A6 needs to complete a few last lessons in her All About Reading Level one.  We may also familiarise ourselves with Cover Story, our new writing curriculum, and start the first few lessons.

Blog-wise, I also intend to keep things simple.  I want to catch up on posting about Mr Men school; I may well write a few Christmas posts along the way and of course I will be posting my weekly Precious Memories post.  I also want to do  a bit of rejigging of posts and pages on Angelicscalliwags, and tidying things up a bit.

On the home front, we have decided to use the space downstairs (which was a school room) as an extra bedroom.  At the moment our four girls share one room.  This isn’t working so well because of the different bedtime and wake time (especially the wake time).  The two little ones will be coming downstairs to sleep.  Gary’s dad is very kindly coming over after Christmas to help knock through doors and erect walls to create this bedroom.  This means I need to be decluttering even more than usual because the room which would have stored a lot of our school things is now not going to be available for that purpose.  We are sad to be losing our new school room but the whole family believe this to be the solution which will help everyone meet their sleeping needs.

We also have a Mr Men Christmas tea party to prepare for; the rather lovely activity of Christmas shopping (which we have nearly finished) and our usual annual Christmas party, which will be a little bigger this year with the addition of one other special family (Lorna and Co.) and will include singing carols on the green.  Add those to various Christmas concerts that the children are in and we have ourselves a full, but not too busy, Christmas season.

I do hope you all are also heading for a peaceful and happy festive season!