Personal Goals: Five in Five


This post is all about me!  Yes, I know – how incredibly self obsessed is that?!  No matter, I shall doggedly continue without guilt, because I think homeschooling mums can get a bit lost among all the, well, homeschooling.  In my quest to still be interesting to people other than fellow homeschooling mums, I am attempting to ensure a small part of me is developing away from my children’s education.  So here are my personal goals for this forthcoming five week term (because five weeks really does sound a very sensible amount of time to plans goals for, don’t you think?):

  • I want to lose the next ten pounds (as well as a few I may or may not have put on over the past few weeks.  I get the feeling this will be a life long battle….)  I want to be at 15 stone 9Ib or less by the end of the term.


  • Finish the hospitality book I am currently reading.  I adore having people round and we do it multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day.  Books about improving one’s hospitality skills are always fun to read!  Tip for the future: Never, and I do mean never, lend me a book.  I will take it in the bath with me (the only time I get two minutes of quiet to concentrate) and instead of looking only a week old it ends up looking like it’s been hanging around for generations (ahem):


  • For everyone’s benefit, I want to start actually going for these daily one hour nature walks, instead of just talking about them!


  • Make more of an effort to create a beautiful quiet time with God.  Right now I read God’s word at my computer or in my bed last thing at night.  I would like it to be a more anticipated, special time.


  • Finish chapter six and seven of the book I am attempting to write.

These goals are exciting because for me they are going to be hard goals to reach.  I am looking forward to seeing how well (or badly) I will do.