Parallel Worlds

This morning I had a slightly surreal experience.

Me: Right, I’m school planning, no one is to disturb me, okay?

I look pointedly at my youngest twin, who is verbal, excitable and absolutely scrumptious.

C10:  Don’t worry mummy, I’ll not be disturbing you.  I’m school planning too.

Me: Eh?

C10: A4 has asked me to teach her how to write so I’m school planning!

I glance over her shoulder.  There in front of her are comprehensive school plans with a reward chart for good learning behaviour, and all manner of coloured stickers.

I’ve stepped into a parallel universe.  Weird (but slightly wonderful as well).  I go back to my school planning, which bizarrely includes plans for teaching A4 to write.  Maybe they should be scrapped.  C10’s look far better.