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Hello and welcome to our little homeschool on the web! My name is Claire and I am the main writer for AngelicScalliwags Homeschool. I have been blogging for the past ten years and home educating for double that.

Book Units

homeschooling Family
homeschooling Family

I was pregnant with my eldest, Thomas, when we decided our children would not be going to school. I started to research other options and I came across home schooling. There was something about it which really appealed. So I researched and researched…

Our twin girls arrived nine months and three weeks after Thomas. I loved being a mummy. The decision to homeschool was consolidated during those early years. We had so much fun together!

At around the age of three, I began using a workbook curriculum, ACE, mainly because I wasn’t sure what I was doing. By the time they reached four, we were all ready for a change. Deciding to go down the book unit route, I bought the entire Five in a Row curriculum with the manuals. With wonderful picture books in hand, the adventure began…

Mr Men Book Units

homeschooling Family

Homeschool Book Units

Book Units proved to be the perfect fit for our homeschooling family. Flexible and educational, they utilised all my creative strengths whilst giving enough structure to minimise the affects of my chaotic tendencies.

We focused on one main book each week as a spring-board for creating a preschool adventure box. This was a box full of toys, activities and read-along books all themed around the Book Unit theme for the week.

As the children grew, so did the size of book. We slowly moved from a solely Book Unit approach to a History Unit approach. And this meant we included all the great writers throughout history. The homeschool adventure continued…

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Our homeschool is a little smaller since my older three are now adults, each enjoying the continuation of following their dreams into adulthood.

Thomas, my eldest, is working as a junior worship pastor at a local church. He is also a member of the Army Reservists and is taking every opportunity thrown at him to see the world and learn new skills at the same time.

Lillie, my eldest twin, is high energy, incredibly sociable and loves to learn new things. Over the past year, she completed the first year of a Graphic Design degree, spent the summer in America working on a camp for adults with disabilities as a fully trained life-guard, and is currently working as a one-year youth leader intern at our church.

Charlotte, our younger twin, is the bookworm of the family. She is completing a part-time degree in Ancient Civilisations and Literature. She also writes part-time and has published two poetry books and one novel (plus a book she wrote just for me for Mother’s Day ❤️).

Our two youngest girls are Abigail (13) and Becca (11). They are still educated at home primarily using interest-led learning. Becca is my artist and pursues all things creative, whilst Abs is my scientist and environmental activist.

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homeschooling Family

You are so welcome here. Within this website you will find lots of the more interesting learning we have done as a family over the last decade. If you click on the Homeschool Lessons Tab above, you will find both my categorised posts (which are all the posts I’ve written over the years) and my archived lessons. The archived lessons are under construction and I am adding to each subject monthly. Do take a peruse.

I write for my homeschool blog multiple times a week and those posts can be accessed by clicking on the Homeschool Blog tab above. If you’d like to learn more about our homeschool journey, then click on the About our Homeschooling Family tab, where I describe my methods from preschool all the way up to secondary school.

I’d like my website to be a spring board to the development of your own homeschool. I am a creative sort, a little scatty but with lots and lots of ideas. These ideas have been tried out with my own children. Feel free to use them with your children. If you have any questions, you can contact me using the little black box in the right hand corner of my blog.

I am a UK home educator. My favourite go-to website for information pertaining to homeschool law, LA requirements and other pertinent resources is Education Otherwise.

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