Precious Moments #2

Precious Moments

In February of last year I started a blog for my children.  I had just been diagnosed with a cancer which had spread locally but doctors couldn’t tell me if it had spread systemically.  I wanted a way for the children to be able to look back and remember all the wonderful things we did together.  I wanted them to know years down the line, if anything should happen to me, how completely and utterly I loved them.  How special and precious every moment with them was and is.  People other than my children read my blog – I’m not sure I expected that!  It has evolved from something personal to something less so, and more home school orientated.  I’m alright with this.  On reflection, however, I do still want a touch of personal with the memories of special moments etched into history for good and also a place Gary’s family can be part of our lives, albeit online.  I’ve decided that my weekly wrap up will be that place.  The rest of my blog I’ll share our school posts, but on a Friday I will look back at the whole week, not just the school week, to record the magic that happens in between lessons.

This week our home school for the preschoolers has been all about bears, whilst the older one’s started their middle age history studies in earnest when they learnt a bit about historical enquiry and hypothesising.  I wrote about our Beowulf studies and also looked back to when we covered Ancient China.  However, this week as I went about snapping up lots of lovely memories, I noticed how much my 5 genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  Here is this week captured and kept so we can look back:

The moment A4 clapped eyes on her baby sister changed her life forever.  She fell in love for the first time.  Utterly.  Completely.  And nothing has changed.

Holding her the day she was born
And later on at home

She is, without a shadow of doubt, her BIG sister.  A4 has a full understanding of her role in her baby sister’s life.  It is one that has come completely naturally, without any instruction from the rest of the family.  She is there to ensure B1’s safety, happiness and security.  She is to be her play mate, her mentor and, most importantly of course, her sister.  And A1 loves her back with a passion:

Together  they can conquer anything:

One of my greatest pleasures is the close siblings relationships developing day in and day out.  It has always been a parenting goal of ours that the children be each other’s best friends and they truly are:

Reading a play together..
…lead to much hilarity
until they all fell over!

I think it is simply time that allows for this gentle unfurling, this deep love, and it’s time that homeschooling gifts us.  I will NEVER regret the decision to keep the children at home.  I am seeing a fulfillment of all our dreams for our family:

Love, with a capital L

It is through the day-to-day care, love and tenderness (not to mention the odd annoyances!) that sharp edges are knocked off and trust grows:

Tucking each other up
…that your baby sister slips off into dream land!
And of course your big sisters have to join in…
…followed by your big brother!

Time is the most precious commodity on earth, and to spend it as we choose is a huge blessing and responsibility.  For what we build today in terms of relationships, knowledge, understanding and memories is what will form us for our tomorrows.

And of course it’s time that allows for dress up before breakfast:

and fighting the odd Holy war before lunch:

Before retiring to bed, content that you have fought all your ‘enemies’, yet are heading upstairs best of friends:

And when life gets a bit noisy, you can always snuggle up and read a good book, any book in fact:

And when you find yourself at a loose end, with nobody to play with, you take what you can find… the form of a child’s slipper:

I hope you all have a wonderful, joy filled week ahead!


  1. Your blog has supported and inspired my home schooling of S12. Thank you for sharing all your ideas and your children’s adventures into learning & experiencing the world! I wish for you continuing good health, hope and joy in this new year. Lisa

      1. I think of you and your kids every day when we are studying runes, building longships, and enjoying our unit on Vikings. Would not have happened without your guidance! (My son is reading ‘How to Train your Dragon’ series and requested that we study the Vikings!)

  2. I love the idea of using your weekly wrap up to remember personal moments and not just homeschool. I might have to steal that 🙂
    Hopefully……. Today I spelled your blog right, for some reason my eyes go cross-eyed as I get to the L’s and I’s in your name. I’m starting to wonder if I’m slightly dyslexic and if I’ve passed it on to one of my son’s as I work on teaching them to read.

  3. You are right — time is a PRECIOUS commodity and how we spend it is probably the most important decision we make each day. I loved your post today. 🙂 Thank you for linking with Collage Friday!

  4. I can understand your need to make sure that your children know how much you love them and how starting a blog could be a good way of doing that. This post is an incredible testament to this. Their love for each other is a direct reflection of how much you love them. It is beautiful.

  5. I stumbled upon your blog today – a world away in Australia. My three-year-old was keeping me too busy to really look though. I am so glad I had to wait, as reading your post tonight has affirmed my desire to homeschool my children. Your children, and their love for each other, is such a beautiful testimony of your love and care in parenting and teaching them. Thanks for sharing more than the practicalities.

  6. Nice to see our kids reading! Something they don’t do enough of!!!! Seriously though these are great snapshots of the kids and how well they get along most of the time. Great memories. I’ll get great pleasure looking back at all this in years to come. You do a great job. Love ya.

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