Our Beautiful Life

Thomas has been gone over the past week, living it up at Soul Survivor, a Christian music event. Actually it is so much more than just music and he has come back on fire for God and ready for the next stage in his journey with God. I picked him up yesterday at about 1pm and he and I talked until Gary returned home a good number of hours later. It was INCREDIBLE to spend time with my eldest child as he shared all his news and dreams. I LOVE to hear his excitement about his future and all the fun he has had over the past week building relationships with a few key people, and exploring further his relationship with God.

My twins have also been away, wreaking havoc in Northern Ireland over the past couple of weeks, and having an absolute ball with their Aunts, uncles, cousins and, of course, their grandparents. The house has been quiet and tidy without them. Thomas missed them very much the first week they were away, and the littles have been yearning for them to come back, especially over the last few days. Gary, having been at work since four that morning, picked them up, and due to the plane arriving late from Northern Ireland, arrived back home at about 1am and slept for three hours before going to work at four. He is such a hero, and I was very pleased to hear Lillie and Charlotte appreciating him and his selflessness. I was also heartened to see this note, written last night before they tumbled into bed in the early hours encouraging their little sisters to wake them up as soon as they woke:

I woke at around eight and came out to Lillie sandwiched between her two little sisters, snuggling her for all they were worth. Charlotte then informed me that they had all got up with Thomas’ alarm at 630 this morning. They had wanted to see Thomas and get a ‘proper Thomas hug‘ (Thomas gives the most incredible hugs!) before he left for the Reading Festival at 8. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have my children love each other’s company as much as they do.

Choring together

It is WONDERFUL to have the girls home! I keep wandering up to them and bear hugging them both. They are beginning to think I might not cope very well when they leave home for good! We have been chatting and catching up on and off all day long. They are so full of life and giggles, having them back immediately livens up the house. Did I mention it’s much less quiet since their return?

I am feeling incredibly blessed by my life at the moment. After a tricky year or so of ill health and major hard work, I can feel we are all emerging stronger and closer than ever before and with a much greater appreciation of who we are as a family.

Life doesn’t get much better than this.