Hammurabi – Reading

I read the lesson from the Mystery of History text book, as well as letting the girls explore the extensive work on Hammurabi and his rules that their older brother and sisters had done just a few years ago.

We had spent an entire week learning about leadership and primary and secondary evidence. It’s worth popping over to that post because it contains stacks of activities which we did not cover in this one lesson, and has some really cute pictures like the one below:


Hammurabi’s Stele

We had a look at the original stele:

We used a primary source document about Hammurabi’s laws, reading a selection of them, and then using them to judge specific situations. I had the girls make up some of their own rules and jot them down on this sheet:

Hammurabi: Making a Stele

Back in Hammurabi’s time, any writing was done on slabs of clay. I thought it would be fun for the girls to write one of their own rules onto a slab of clay in cuneiform.

We rolled out the clay with a rolling pin, I supplied them with the cuneiform alphabet and the girls used various utensils to mark out their chosen rule. Here is Becs:

And Abigail:

Hammurabi: Make dolls clothes from black bags

This was a fun, not very educational activity I stole from my older children’s study. The older ones had dressed themselves in black bags for their Hammurabi study:


But we only had one black bag left so the littles had to make do with dressing their dolls in black bags. Regardless, it had absolutely no educational benefit, but was bags of fun (ha!! Bags… Geddit?!):

And the final fashions…

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