My Personal Top Ten Favourite Posts

After I posted yesterday I perused my blog for my most favourite posts.  Here they are in no particular order, preceded by my favourite photo of all time:

And later on at home

A Love Shown  This post documented our children’s thoughtfulness on Valentines day, when they opened a restaurant especially, cooked the most wonderful food and then charged us an exorbitant amount of money to eat it!  It makes me laugh out loud every time I read it and remember!


T11 Battle and Victory over Writing  It was at the time I wrote this post that T11, who has been a struggling writer for years, overcame his dislike of writing!


Thoughts of a Weighty Kind  This was one of my earlier posts, written about my experiences with Weight Watchers.  I wasn’t that keen on going, and I really wasn’t that keen on staying!  It makes me smile.

Week three of the Angelicscalliwag’s challenge  On account of my poem!  It might very well win prizes for being the worst ever poem written about coffee but it makes me smile every time.  How could I possibly have allowed myself to love coffee THAT much that I felt the need to put into verse my feelings?!!

The Night I Surprised the Children  This post is about a special night with hot chocolate, marshmallow chocolate dippers and Poirot that I sprung on the older children as a surprise.  They were bowled over and it brings back happy, happy memories.


A quote I need reminding of   This is a quote from Mother Teresa.  I like it.

Making Memories  This one was special because it was a family day out at the beach and we just had so much fun.  Each time I look back over the photos I’m transported back to a wonderfully happy day.

Deep in conversation

Wrap up containing the only photo of me!  Although this isn’t why it is one of my favourites!  This contains pictures of many of the people who mean so much to me.  I love looking at all their wonderful faces!

A4 at Christmas lunch!!

The Cancer Post  I ummed and ahhed about including this one.  I made a promise to myself to write a yearly post celebrating each year.  Cancer was the reason I started writing but it is not the reason I continue.  I’ve found a world I didn’t know existed and I feel very proud to be part of the home school blogging community.

And my all time most favouritest post?

Precious Moments  It is self-explanatory.

until they all fell over!

Yesterday I spent two minutes compiling a list of the most read posts.  Today I’ve whiled away at least an hour looking back on these posts containing all that is precious to me…my family.  I was not surprised that there are no home-schooling posts.  Whilst that matters it is not what is important, at least not nearly as much as my family.  I’ve loved, loved, loved looking back at these few posts and they are a reminder to me that whilst this will, in the main, be a home school blog, I need to take the time to write from my heart to my family’s heart.  And occasionally, to write just for me.