Mother’s Day


I gave my mum her card last night.  I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to see her today, not even for five minutes, on my own.  So I took my home-made mother’s day card round last night, just before bed time. (She lives next door, so it wasn’t far to travel!).  I gave it to her full of the excitement you get when you have made something especially from your heart to another’s.  I was not disappointed.  She was close to tears as she looked at the card and read the words.  She particularly asked me to take a photo of the card and put it on my blog.  So here it is.  I like it because it is different from the ones I normally give (always homemade).  It is a photo I took myself, with the camera Gary gave me for Christmas.  I love dried roses and anytime I am given any stems I always dry them and pop them in the wooden vases T11 made for me.  So I took one of these roses, a beautiful dark red rose Gary had given to me in the past, and took a black and white photo of it on pale pink paper.  That is the photo above.  I printed it, in black and white, onto a dark red piece of card and added the words I wanted mum to hear:


My own Mother’s day was lovely.  Gary had to work in the early morning.  Unbeknown to me, he set his alarm and went in early for around 4am so he could come home early to be here for Mother’s day when I woke up.  The older children looked after the little ones from 6.30am onwards so I had a blessed lie in (Deep, happy sigh), I was woken by my rather gorgeous husband, who had bought me a Costa Coffee Latte on his way back from work (even deeper, happier sigh), the children came in preceded by B2, who squealed with an ecstatic ‘Mummeeeee!’ as if she hadn’t seen me all week, rather than all morning!  Each child had a bunch of daffodils for me, which T11 had snuck and bought from the local green grocers the day before (the deepest, happiest sigh ever!):

DSC_0609We had planned to go to the beach, but the temperature dropped considerably over the weekend so we went to my next favourite destination: the garden centre.  As a family, we LOVE going to the garden centre!  We had a lovely time with a snack in the restaurant:

DSC_0612A wander around the shopping area:




The little ones had a read in the book area:


And then decided to help the manager out by cleaning the shop floor:


Who’d have thought so much fun could be got from a simple garden centre?

That evening, I attended the yearly mother’s day service the children’s choir put on.  As part of the service the children had the opportunity to say what made their mother special.  T11 reached the microphone and said his mum was special because she is just perfect!  Ha, ha, I got a lot of ragging afterwards from friends, but seriously, who wouldn’t love their 11-year-old son to say that publicly, however untrue you knew it to be!!  Everything each child said to me publicly and privately was locked away into my heart to be treasured forever.  I cannot believe I am so blessed!