Making a ‘Build a Mr Man’ Felt Kit

This week I started making the little ones’ Mr Men Felt kit.  I used an ice cream box, pack of felt and fabric glue:


I cut some felt to fit into the lid of the ice cream box and stuck it down with fabric glue.  I then decorated the outside of the box with felt scraps and stuck a felt Mr Happy on the front so I would know what kit this was:

The completed box
The completed box

I then cut out the body parts of Mr Tickle: his body, feet, arms, hat, eyes and smile:

Mr Tickle all messed up
Mr Tickle all messed up

The little ones can then put them together to make up their character of the week:

Mr Tickle as Mr Tickle should be
Mr Tickle as Mr Tickle should be (well, almost!)

He can then be stored inside the box:


Each week I intend to cut out the body pieces of the Mr Men or Little Miss characters and add them in.  The girls can then either make up the characters they know or they can mix and match!  All five of my children enjoy playing with felt pieces so I think there is a lot of mileage in this toy.