The Magician’s Nephew Homeschool Lesson

The Magician's Nephew Homeschool Lessons

We have thoroughly enjoyed the start of our Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study. We are not reading the books in the order they were first written by C S Lewis, instead we are reading them in the order that chronologically makes sense. This first homeschool lesson is based on The Magician’s Nephew, which describes how Aslan creates Narnia.

Magician’s Nephew Homeschool Lesson

Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar and Literary Devices

We used ‘Further Up and Further In, a literature based unit study which utilises The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. I write their vocabulary words up on our board. The children need to attempt to use them as much as possible during the time it takes to finish the book.

The girls add to their Literary Devices Books, recording instances of similes, onomatopoeia, personification and so on. I really recommend these as a means of encouraging the use of literary devices in the student’s own writing.

I go over each writing assignment with the child by my side. This means I can share grammar rules and spelling rules as needed, there and then. This seems to be far more beneficial than marking it on my own and letting the child make corrections.

Writing Assignments

The writing assignments are ones that I make up on the spot after reading the chapter. For The Magician’s Nephew Homeschool lesson I asked the girls to complete these assignments:

  1. Write about questions you would like The Magician’s Nephew to answer
  2. Describe what an allegory is and give an example of allegory we have studied in the past
  3. Write a description of Uncle Andrew.
  4. Write a conversation between Diggory and Polly using speech punctuation accurately
  5. Imagine you are either Diggory or Polly. Describe how you would have felt if you had walked through the dark narrow tunnels in the roof space.
  6. Write the story of how the box from Uncle Andrew’s godmother came to be in her possession when it was meant to have originated from the lost Island of Atlantis.
  7. The Wood Between The Worlds was the quietest of woods without insects, birds, animals or wind. Think of a time when you have experience silence and felt scared, and another time when you have felt peaceful.
  8. Jadis explains that she said ‘the deplorable word’ and in doing so Charn became dead around her. Write the story of how the argument with her sister caused the whole kingdom to die.
  9. Write about arriving before the birth of Narnia. Describe its birth and how you felt watching it going on around you.
  10. Write a short biography about C S Lewis’ life and how he came to write the Chronicles of Narnia
  11. Aslan is meant to represent God. Explain how three characteristics of Aslan are similar to God. Make a statement, give an example from the book and an explanation of how it parallels the characteristics of God.
  12. When Diggory takes the apple off the tree, he is tempted to take a bite. The temptation is made worse by the witch’s insistence that if he does he will be able to cure his mother and stop her from dying. Diggory manages to resist the temptation. Write a story in which Diggory takes the apple and eats it. How would this story have ended if this was the case.

Other Activities

There are many activities to go along with The Magician’s Nephew. However, we are using these books primarily for their use as a literature study rather than a unit study. If you’d like more ideas head over to the Further In and Further Up website.

We have done many literature unit studies. Our favourite ones include a summer long Shakespeare study, culminating in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We also spent a summer on The Little House on the Prairie, building our own little house. Do head over and have a look!