Looking Back – Mesopotamia Wrap Up Night and Visit to the British Museum – Part three

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This is my third post on our studies of Ancient Mesopotamia three years ago.  In this post I will be sharing photos of our Mesopotamia night with lots of Mesopotamia food, as well as our visit to the British Museum in London.

For part one see:

and part two:

Field Trip

At the end of our studies we try to go on some sort of field trip.  As Mesopotamia, by its very geography, is out of reach for us, we traveled up to the British Museum in London:

Mesopotamia, British museum, field trips

Mesopotamia Food

Then we had an evening of trying out lots of food from Mesopotamia.  The children, of course, had to dress up and play their part as Mesopotamia people:

Mesopotamia, costumes, Mesopotamia food

Lots of unusual food:

Mesopotamia, mesopotamia food, pigeon pie, venison stew, pitta bread

Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia food

Mesopotamia, mesopotamia food, humus, flat bread, dates

mesopotamia, unit study, hands on activities, 2

Next week I’ll be sharing some photos from their Mesopotamia presentation.


  1. wow…that is amazing!!!…how do you do all this guys?…loved the food…loved the costumes and love having a sneak peak at a much loved family.
    God Bless you all nikki xxx

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