Looking Back – Ancient Egypt: The Books and the Costumes – Part One

ancient egypt unit study

I’m doing a series called looking back, documenting learning the children and I did together prior to me blogging.  This week I’m starting Ancient Egypt.  The children seriously LOVED Egypt and they still ask every single fun week we have ‘could we pleeeeease do Egypt again’!  We did a lot, so like Mesopotamia this will be spread out over a few weeks.  Our reading load was heavy but all the Egyptian books were well worth the money given how often they have been read and reread:

Ribbet collageegypt1

Ribbet collageegypt2

Ribbet collageegypt3


Picture books:

Ribbet collageegypt4


Ribbet collageegypt5

Read alouds:

Ribbet collageegypty6Their dress up was simple homemade dress up from a sheet and card and other coloured material.  Oh, and I allowed them a bit of makeup to look even more Egyptian – a HUGE treat!:

C, who was about 7, almost 8, at the time
C, who was about 7, almost 8, at the time
L, also 7
L, also 7
And T, maybe 8 going on 9
And T, maybe 8 going on 9, trying to look very Pharoah like!

Next time I will be sharing everything we learnt about Mummification including how we mummified a whole chicken.


  1. I’m enjoying looking around at your blog, so many great resources! We will be doing Ancient Egypt soon. How long did you spend on Egypt? I feel like there’s so much that can be done with Egypt and so many books available. Early Mesopotamia took us about 2-3 weeks. I’m going to be using your website in the future for putting together some studies. For social studies and science and art, I’m making things up as I go, not following any curriculum so this is a great resource!

    1. We worked for months at both Mesopotamia and Egypt. I was still finding my feet not following any curriculum so I think it probably took longer than was strictly necessary. That said the children adored our Egyptian studies and we’d probably never moved on if it was up to them!

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