Look What We’ve Got…

A new to us mini bus!!!!  Our last car, a Ford Galaxy, seated the seven of us, but it really was getting too small.  We had been talking about buying a slightly bigger car, but it didn’t seem right as we had a perfectly good car.  So we made do.

A few weeks ago our car blew up!  Well, actually that might be a slight exaggeration of what happened, but the starter motor blew and the car was smoking with a few flames visible.  Gary, of course, stopped the car and got everyone out.  We were very blessed by not one but two people we knew from church who drove past just at that moment and offered lifts home to everyone.  Gary and Thomas stayed with the car.  Just 30 minutes later AA turned up (having said it could take four hours) and the car was towed home.

We have car mechanics just at the end of our street and Gary went to talk to them and they recommended writing off the car as they would not be able to say whether the engine had been damaged.  This meant we needed to look for alternative transport.  Enter the Volkswagen Transporter.  Nine (!) seats, so enough for our family to take a trip out and be able to include my mum or Gary’s parents, and a huge boot that one could build a tent in should one ever want to…..It is an automatic so I keep changing imaginary gears and putting my foot down on an imaginary clutch, but all in all it is a dream to drive.  It has under 50 000 miles on it so hopefully it will last us for a few good years 🙂