Little House on the Prairie: Dressing Up Clothes

Theoretically, I could have made all of their clothes from scratch, but I’ve been trying to cut down on my work load rather than make it bigger.  However, I also didn’t want to be spending lots of money.  So I compromised and found some middle ground.  I went through my basket of mending to find clothes that may be ripped beyond saving, looked at material I already owned and started planning.  Using old aprons, curtains, dresses and the like, I pinned, sewed and altered everything until I came up with something acceptable.  The only money I spent was on bonnets (£2.39 a piece) which meant that the total money spent on dress up was less than £10.  I was pretty happy with the results:


Mrs Ingalls



L10’s dress up was probably the easiest.  I already owned a shirt that looked a little prairie like and an apron.  We had been given a large, rather see-through white skirt.  I pulled in the waist band considerably so it fit her, which also had the effect of increasing the folds and decreasing how see through it was.

Mary Ingalls


I was so happy with C10’s costume.  Her top is her own.  The skirt was a dress which I turned into a skirt, by forming a waistband using the top of the dress and cutting off the straps.  Her apron is made from one of a pair of curtains which I attached the ties from my old aprons (used to make the rag doll).

Laura Ingalls


A4 is dressed in her own top, a dress (for 9-10 year olds) I altered to fit her and the other one of the pair of curtains (the same C10’s apron was made from).  I had to reduce the length of the curtain, but other than that I simply added ties as before.

Carrie Ingalls


I was so pleased by how B2’s turned out.  The dress and gypsy top is one of A4’s, whilst her apron I made out of a reconditioned adults waist apron!  I cut the ties, leaving enough that the apron could be fastened at the back.  The bits of ties I cut off I sewed to the top of the apron as ties to fasten the apron around B2’s neck.  It turned out so much better than I thought it would and best of all B2 LOVED the whole set up!