Life of Fred: Cats Review Booklet – Free Printable!

Life of Fred: Cats Printable – Introduction

My newest download, Life of Fred: Cats Printable review booklet, was created to be used alongside Life of Fred: Cats maths book.  It can be used before your child starts Dogs to check his understanding of the main concepts taught in the Cats book, or in deed at any time throughout the student’s Life of Fred Elementary experience.  I spring these on the younger girls to double check they’ve not forgotten anything or to highlight weaknesses which I may need to work on with them.

Life of Fred: Cats Printable – Contents

Page One contains counting by threes and a reminder of ordinal and cardinal numbers:

Life of Fred: Cats Printable

The second page covers telling the time with a focus on quarter to and past and half past:

Similarly, page three contains some additional fraction practice, again focusing on quarters and halves:

And again, page four revises quarters and halves once more, but this time looking at it from a slightly different angle:
Life of Fred: Cats Printable

On Page five your student will be working with some simple money problems:

Changing the subject slightly, page six deals with simple patterns:
whilst page seven revises odd and even numbers:

Next up is some simple addition using cats:

And some skip counting using British coins:

Lastly there is some angle work:

Please feel free to download these from the link below:

Maths Cats Booklet

I hope it blesses you!

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