Learning my ABC’s: Five Activities to Reinforce Letter Learning (Cc)


  • I dotted out the letters Cc onto a white sheet of paper and asked B4 to join the dots.   This activity will help her remember how to write the letter Aa:

Ribbet collageletterc

  • We made the shape of Cc with our arms.  This activity helped her to figure out how the shape of the letter looked and how to replicate it:

Ribbet collageletterc2

  • I copied out a large C and small c onto a piece of paper in block letters.  I asked B4 to choose the correct letter C stamp and stamp lots of C’s onto the drawn Cc, saying its sound each time. This activity helped her to remember what sounds the letter Cc makes:

Ribbet collageletterc3

  • Using our A,B,C poster I asked B to point to the letter C and tell me some words which begin with its sound. This activity was to help her to recognise the letter Cc even when hidden among many other different letters:

Ribbet collageletterc4

  • Finally we began learning to sign the alphabet using this resource.  This helped her to understand that learning letters was the start to learning to communicate with those letters:

Ribbet collageletterCc

Next week I will have five more hands on activities to reinforce letter recognition.