It’s that time of year again….


So, at the end of last week I was bemoaning the fact that I had not had any sort of extended time alone for a while, for a few weeks in fact.  This is not at all healthy for an introvert like me.  I need time alone, like I need the air I breathe.  Without it I feel like I am drowning, suffocating.  I exclaimed to the children that I felt homeschooling was like wading through tar.  I needed help to be alone.  My family know me of old.  They know I am a better everything (Mummy, daughter, wife, friend) if I have time alone at frequent intervals. They also know how I get every single year around this time.  It’s funny because I hadn’t seen it coming.  We started school a bit later this year and it still feels mid January.  Today though is the first day of February, traditionally the time I march the children to the local school and insist that they enroll them (actually I only did this once when they were four).

C turned to me, and said cheerfully, ‘Don’t worry Mummy, you’ll be fine in 29 days time.  February’s coming up, remember?’

I’m beginning to think I could use my body as a calendar.  It is very accurate!

We have two more weeks of school this term as it is a very short one on account of the early Easter.  Then a week off and another very short four week term.  Then a four week break at Easter.  And I can’t wait.  It’ll be March then April, full of the joys which the spring season inevitably brings.

So right now?  Well, right now I am going to keep on, keeping on.  I have home school goals (mainly finishing unfinished work) which I want to reach by Easter.  I am excited about Easter because we will all be sitting down for a discussion about the direction each child wishes their education to take.  For now though, I will be making sure we all get outside everyday; that I spend adequate time alone each day; I will be filling my family and myself with the healthiest of foods, and I will be celebrating life with my family and friends at every given opportunity.  And I will, absolutely, meet all those homeschooling goals and finish what I began last term.  This alone will help me make me feel like I have achieved something, and that always helps one feel better.

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Really, I am not a good person to have around in February 😉