Impressionist Artist Study: Monet


For her project this term Lillie is learning all about the Impressionist painters.  I have set her particular goals so that this project will hopefully stretch her a bit more than her artist studies last term.

General Resources

She will be using the following books throughout her project:

capture  capture2

As well as the courses found here:

Artist studies

Resources Specific to Monet

We had the following books lying around the house, so fortunately did not need to buy in any other resources:

capture3   capture4

Goals for this study

  • Read about Monet and his Paintings and create a scrap book page with a gallery of Monet’s paintings and a short biography:monet1 monet2
  • Read about Monet’s use of colour and light and create a scrapbook page of your findings:monet-3 monet-4 monet-5
  • Carry out a study of your chosen painting and write a blog post reviewing it.  Lillie has finally got her blog up and running and I am sure she would love for you to pop over a follow along 🙂  You can find it here or by clicking the picture: capture
  • Copy your chosen painting for your own gallery for your final presentation:monet-7 monet-6

This was a really great study, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Lillie and I were even able to see the original Monet in the National Gallery:


Over the next couple of weeks she will be focusing on Renoir, concentrating particularly on the portrayal of facial features.