I Did a Thing!

I honestly never thought I’d ever be quoting Jeremy Clarkson on my homeschool blog but today is a day of firsts, so I guess in some small way, it’s fitting.

If ever there was an unlikely farmer, Jeremy Clarkson is he. Best known for his big boy antics with cars, he surprised everyone, including himself, when he brought out Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm over Covid Lockdown. I was not a fan of his, but after watching his hilarious (sometimes successful but often not) attempts at farming, I am a convert! Bad language aside, I think it has to be one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen in my life! I can not wait until next year when the next series comes out!

Jeremy Clarkson farming is comparative to what I have achieved today. Becoming a farmer was so far removed from his sports car nonsense, to be almost ridiculous. And this is how I feel about myself today. I climbed a metaphorical mountain this afternoon as I finished filming and editing my first YouTube video and scheduled it for the new year. I am ridiculously proud of myself.

Being the other side of the camera (so that is faces towards me rather than away from me) was a most disconcerting experience. I mean, I was no aware that I sway quite so much when I talk about something which excites me. And I look weird on camera, nothing like I think I look like in real life…and don’t even get me started on my voice, which, frankly, sounds like it comes from a different species, let alone from me.

But despite all my worries and misgivings, despite the fact that I really wasn’t very good at it, and despite the fact that if my family have to listen to one more ‘run’ through said video, they might very well move out, I did it! I really ‘did a thing’ to quote my newest hero, Clarkson.

As I won’t be posting any of my videos until the new year, I can’t give you a preview. But look, it’s there waiting to be published, all 3 minutes and 18 seconds of it:

And I even made a thumb nail with my picture on it…and you all know how much I truly HATE my picture being on screen. But I did a thing!! I’m so proud of me 😊