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  • Indus Valley Unit Study

    Indus Valley Unit Study

    In this lovely Ancient Indus Valley Unit Study, I will be sharing all the wonderful activities my children and I did. This was a fairly short study, but really interesting, not to mention unusual. The Ancient Indus Valley civilisation was not known about until the early twentieth century. Lost until archeologists discovered it the Indian… Continue reading Indus Valley Unit Study Read more

  • Moving Forward…

    Moving Forward…

    Over the past six months I’ve been attempting to write more regularly for my beloved blog. And whilst, to some extent, I have been successful in this, for me it has felt a little awkward. In the past, I have had lots to write about, it being a homeschool blog and me being a homeschool… Read more

  • I Did a Thing!

    I Did a Thing!

    I honestly never thought I’d ever be quoting Jeremy Clarkson on my homeschool blog but today is a day of firsts, so I guess in some small way, it’s fitting. If ever there was an unlikely farmer, Jeremy Clarkson is he. Best known for his big boy antics with cars, he surprised everyone, including himself,… Read more

  • Narration Example: Re-enactment

    Narration Example: Re-enactment

    Learn more about the art of narration! This post covers re-enactment as an example of narration, using a paper mache map & Play Mobil figures. This is a perfect way for a child who hates writing to express their understanding of a given topic. What is Narration? Narration, in its most basic form, tells a… Read more

  • Precious Moments {October 2022}

    Precious Moments {October 2022}

    My twins turned twenty this month. Twenty?! I’m feeling a little…sad, I think. I miss the little girls they were. Parenting them has been such a privilege. They were the easiest going babies, which continued until their teen years. I feel so utterly blessed to have been their mummy, and to have been the mummy… Read more

  • Ancient China Homeschool Lesson

    Ancient China Homeschool Lesson

    In this fun Ancient China Homeschool Lesson, we learnt about Chinese fables, Confucius, tangrams, writing and created a lap book and dress up. Read on to find out more. Ancient China Homeschool Lesson: Resources Main Book This Ancient China Homeschool Lesson was only going to last one week, so I kept it as simple as… Read more

  • The Lifeboat That Saved The World {Book Review}

    The Lifeboat That Saved The World {Book Review}

    The Lifeboat that Saved the World is a faithful retelling of the ancient Mesopotamia flood written down in cuneiform four thousand years ago. This Babylonian story of Atra-hasis (meaning ‘Very-Wise’) can be found on a few cuneiform tablets kept in collections all around the world. Atra-hasis is also known by the name Ut-napishtim, a character… Read more

  • Homeschool Log Book {October}

    Homeschool Log Book {October}

    This is all the work that the girls have completed over the last four weeks. In general things went really well. Becca in particular feels that the balance of academic with less academic is good. Abigail’s workload has been a little too high for my liking so next month I hope to reduce it somewhat… Read more

  • Lugalbanda {Book Review}

    Lugalbanda {Book Review}

    Lugalbanda, the Boy Who Got Caught Up in a War is the oldest known tale from the ancient Mesopotamia civilisation. Older than 5000 years, it was, at first, passed down through oral tradition. An Englishman called W.K.Loftus discovered Urek in 1849. However, it wasn’t until 1888 that an expedition from the University of Pennsylvania uncovered… Read more