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  • How to Make a History Board Game

    How to Make a History Board Game

    As promised, here is how to make a history board game to reinforce learning. This board game is themed on the Trojan War and goes along with the fun week we had studying the Trojan War. Here is a photo of our final piece: The children and I had discussed our ideas and we all… Continue reading How to Make a History Board Game Read more

  • ❤️ Engagement ❤️

    ❤️ Engagement ❤️

    Congratulations Ads and Charlotte! Ads took Charlotte to Norway for their three year anniversary, and proposed to her there! Of course, she said yes ❤️ Read more

  • Stain-Glass Window Homeschool Lesson

    Stain-Glass Window Homeschool Lesson

    In this stain-glass window homeschool lesson we will learn about the history of using coloured glass in windows, linking it with our current medieval history unit study. Resources for a Stain-Glass Window Homeschool Lesson We used the books we had around the house for this art study. Art of the Middle Ages is a book… Read more

  • Homeschool Log Book {November}

    Homeschool Log Book {November}

    This is all the work that the girls have completed over the last few weeks. These weeks have been filled with winter colds and bugs. We’ve needed to take days off here and there and it has felt more disjointed than I like. On the plus side, Abigail expressed the wish to do something more… Read more

  • How to Make Viking Costumes

    How to Make Viking Costumes

    Dressing up is definitely the children’s area of expertise not mine.  Whilst I may give pointers if I think something is inaccurate historically, mostly I just sit back and watch the process.  Dressing up is a huge part of our presentation and I dread the day when one or more children come and say they… Read more

  • Anglo-Saxon Homeschool Presentation

    Anglo-Saxon Homeschool Presentation

    About twice a year our older children put on a presentation about the period they are studying.  So far we have done astronomy, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.  Last night we had our Anglo-Saxon Homeschool Presentation. We are very fortunate to live in a village where we are well supported in our homeschooling endeavours. … Read more

  • Events Leading Up To The Battle of Hastings 1066

    Events Leading Up To The Battle of Hastings 1066

    This lesson, which covers the events leading to the Battle of Hastings, is fun and thorough. Oh, and it involves dressing up as Knights! I hated history in school, apart from Henry VIII.  He fascinated me.  The rest however was plain boring.  In particular I hated learning about wars and battles.  A list of dates… Read more

  • Hands-On Geography Activities {History Unit Studies}

    Hands-On Geography Activities {History Unit Studies}

    This post shares lots of hands on geography activities which are perfect to use along with any history unit studies. Over the years we have studied many cultures, from ancient history all the way up to modern history and everything in between. Having a great set of geography activities to choose from is vital for… Read more

  • How to Write a Good Paragraph

    How to Write a Good Paragraph

    This post helps homeschool students learn how to write a good paragraph using an informational folder made especially for the job! So, if you’re a homeschooling mum and you want to find out how you can teach your child to write a good paragraph, read on! How to Write a Good Paragraph Learning how to… Read more