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  • The Muddle of Maths

    The Muddle of Maths

    Maths in our home school has always been about getting it done.  Along with science, it is our only text-book curriculum.  I have A level maths and whilst my degree is in nursing, it also contained a great deal of maths.    I get maths.  The problem is I’m not good at teaching it.  I naturally think pictorially, so… Continue reading The Muddle of Maths Read more

  • Caps for Sale Book Unit

    Caps for Sale Book Unit

    The week we did a fun Caps for Sale Book Unit. I was astounded by how many monkey activities we found around the house to do! I hope you find inspirations for your own Caps for Sale Book Unit. Caps for Sale, written in 1940, is a retelling of an old folk tale. Is perfect… Read more

  • Homeschool Biology: Cells

    Homeschool Biology: Cells

    Welcome to our homeschool biology lesson about cells! Being a nurse by profession, I have been eagerly awaiting our study of biology.  This Apologia Anatomy and Physiology book is one that we will languish in, take our time over and, I’m sure, thoroughly enjoy!  (I mean, who doesn’t like learning about themselves?).  We treated ourselves this… Read more

  • Our Wonderful World

    Our Wonderful World

    Tonight I went into my baby before I tucked down, which I do every night with every child. Tonight, however, B1 was very hot and sticky, the room was stuffy and so hot. I opened the blind and the curtains, gave her some water, and sat and cuddled her in the rocking chair by the window.… Read more

  • Jesse Bear Book Unit

    Jesse Bear Book Unit

    In this Jesse Bear Book Unit, I share all the activities we did whilst reading Jesse Bear, including a lap book, snacks and mask making Read more