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Develop an Enquiring Mind in Children

Develop an Enquiring Mind in Children

The ability to think critically and analytically then confidently reach their own conclusion is one of my main homeschooling goals for the children.  We learn lots of history (and that’s great). But my desire is to use history to teach the children more transferable skills, rather than simple knowledge.  I want them to think, hypothesise, predict, problem solve and support… Continue reading Develop an Enquiring Mind in Children

wobbly wobbly weightless

Wobbly Wobbly Weightless # 2

Hellooooo, and welcome to my next wobbly wobbly weightless post, where you’ll find inspiration to wibble and wobble and perhaps weight lose as well. I have joined Noom. ‘How exciting!’ I hear you exclaim, ‘What is Noom?’ Well, I’m glad you asked! Noon is a psychology based weightless program which I tripped over when reading… Continue reading Wobbly Wobbly Weightless # 2

C. S. Lewis Wisdom

C. S. Lewis Wisdom: Growing Up

This year, the girls and I are studying The Chronicles of Narnia, written by C. S. Lewis. We have thrown ourselves into it (as usual!). We are all very much enjoying it, but I have to admit to being surprised by just how good a writer Lewis is. I mean, I know he’s excellent, having… Continue reading C. S. Lewis Wisdom: Growing Up

blogging my heart

Blogging my Heart #3

❤️ Angelicscalliwags Homeschool ❤️ Welcome to Blogging my Heart #3. I’m thrilled to have you! Here are all my online endeavours for the past month. Blogging. My stats are very slowly increasing. I’ve gone from 150 views a day back when I’d stopped blogging to just under 300 views a day. I’m still not where… Continue reading Blogging my Heart #3

Birthday Blessing ❤️

As much as I hate having my photo taken, I asked for this one for posterity. Gary won a raffle ticket for dinner at the very exclusive restaurant at his work. This was haute cuisine and promised to be a dining experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately Covid happened soon after, which meant that we didn’t… Continue reading Birthday Blessing ❤️

Akhenaten Homeschool Lesson

Akhenaten Homeschool Lesson

Akhenaten was an anomaly in Egyptian history, and not one theEgyptians were particularly proud of. In this Akhenaten homeschool lesson we will be looking at what made him so different, as well as looking at how he changed the nature of art, specifically relief work during his reign. Amenhotep IV, The Early Years Akhenaten was… Continue reading Akhenaten Homeschool Lesson

Learning From History

Learning from History

In our homeschool, learning from history happens intentionally between the ages of about five and twelve. History offers us everything. Apart from events of the past, history also gives us people to study, art, architecture, food, fashions, science, inventions…I could go on…and on…and on. Literally every ‘subject’ under the sun can be found within the… Continue reading Learning from History

human standing beside crucifix statue on mountain

Hero’s Are Made in Battles

I was reading my devotions yesterday from Sally Clarkson’s ‘Mom Heart Moments’. She was talking about the struggles we face in life and how important it was to always be facing towards God. These struggles are inevitable because we live in a fallen world, and, she continues, ‘Heroes are made in times of battle, and… Continue reading Hero’s Are Made in Battles

Changes and Updates

I just thought I’d check in and let you all know where I am at regarding the updating of my blog. It’s taking time, but I have now updated all of my 2012 posts. Some of them I have updated and posted again – these you will already be aware of. I’ve also updated some… Continue reading Changes and Updates

The Lion Man Artefact Lesson

The Lion Man Artefact Lesson

This Lion Man Artefact Lesson is a fascinating study into the earliest known surviving figure sculpture in the world. Carved 40,000 years ago, archeologists have dated the Lion Man to the Upper Palaeolithic era. Found in parts in the Hohlenstein-Stadel cave in Germany’s Swabian Alps, Ute Wolf and Elisabeth Schmid reconstructed the Lion Man from… Continue reading The Lion Man Artefact Lesson

Aristarchus Homeschool Lesson

Aristarchus Homeschool Lesson

In this Aristarchus Homeschool Lesson, you will learn about Aristotle’s geocentric model of the universe and why Aristarchus did not think it was correct. Aristarchus was a scientist ahead of his time. His heliocentric theory, that the earth was not the centre of the universe, and that rather the earth orbited the sun, would not… Continue reading Aristarchus Homeschool Lesson


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