Homeschool Copywork Review

Homeschool Copywork ReviewWe received a Lifetime Membership to Homeschool Copywork which gives us access to a variety of e-books for copywork and notebooking pages.  I knew right from the start Homeschool Copywork was going to be a great fit for us!

What is Homeschool Copywork?

Homeschool Copywork is a company run by Amy, who is a homeschool mum to six.  She has designed and created a plethora of copywork e-books to instantly download.  The site is easy and simple to navigate.  A lifetime membership ($45 or £31 for my English readers) allows access to not only all the e-books available on the site right now, but also to any e-books Amy brings out in the future.

Copywork, for those of you who are unsure, is a useful tool for the child to use in order to practice handwriting, grammar, spelling and reading alongside absorbing the actually contents of what they are writing.  Amy does a much better job at explaining here.  Although we are not a Charlotte Mason home school at all, we have used copywork since my older ones were little and we are currently using it in all the lessons of my five and seven-year old.

Amy has created many different copywork e-books, which fall loosely into the following categories:

  • Artist Studies with Copywork
  • Hymn Studies with Copywork
  • Quotes of Composers Copywork
  • Poetry Copywork Books
  • Presidential Quotes for Copywork
  • Quotes of Inventors Copywork
  • Quotes of Scientists Copywork
  • Short Stories
  • 18 Century Author Copywork Books
  • Christian Worldview CopyworkBible Verse Copywork
  • Preschool and Early Elementary Copywork
  • Holiday and Special Occassions Copywork, as well as lots of
  • Notebooking Pages and Colouring Books

I immediately zoomed in on the 18th century writers and was chuffed to find a Jane Austin e-book!

How Did We Use Homeschool Copywork?

As soon as I saw the Jane Austin book, I knew this was the product upon which I would base my review:


Having just returned from a visit to Jane Austin’s House, this couldn’t have been a better fit at a better time 🙂


The children had learnt all about Jane’s life and times, as well as dressing up in the clothes she would have worn at the time, so they were very ready to study some of her quotes:


What struck me first about the copywork was just how professional it looked.  The 35 page e-book comes with a gorgeous cover (as shown above) and begins with a brief synopsis about the life and times of Jane Austin:


Amy also includes suggestions for some activities to go along with her copywork pages:


After which follows a cornucopia of quotes, in both cursive:


and print:


The older girls completed the e-book over a few weeks, working on it for a short time daily:

copywork 2

C, who is a huge literary buff, giggled and shared almost every quote (she loved Jane Austin’s works!):

copywork 1

L chose to copy out the cursive font, whilst C chose the print.  Both were very proud of their pages, once they had completed them all.

I also attempted to use the Dragons of the Bible Copywork e-book with my younger girls:


This e-book has quotes from the Bible which contain mentions of dragons (otherwise known as dinosaurs).  I thought this would be a perfect fit, as we are currently doing an extensive study on the dinosaurs from a Biblical perspective.  The pages were again beautifully designed, with pictures of dragons to colour in.  The quotes were the perfect length, being not too short and not too long.  This is a hefty 154 page e-book (!) and contains many options which would suit many different aged children, from print with elementary lines to cursive with normal lines.  I am certain would have been perfect for any other child but mine 🙂

I have a newly five-year old and a seven-year old.  My seven-year old struggles with her basic skills such as reading and writing, although this year has shown much improvement.   She does do copywork everyday, but it is the type of copywork with dotted letters which she traces over.  At this time, her basic skills are not quite good enough to be able to manage copying sentences below the actual writing.  This is an issue with the child, rather than the e-books, and I am certain we will return to this e-book in the future.

What Did We Think of Homeschool Copywork?

We loved it!  Having a lifetime membership to this website is a HUGE blessing for our family and I am certain we will be using Amy’s e-books for many years to come.

Connect with Amy at Homeschool Copywork

Twitter:  @AmyBlevins


Homeschool Copywork Review

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