Homeschool Articles

Homeschool Articles

This page will house all of the homeschool articles I write as well as each six week unit study we have done. I am updating my blog at the moment so this page will be added to as and when I can. You can still search for any homeschool articles or homeschool unit studies using the search bar at the top of my blog. I have unit studies spanning history from the beginning of time all the way through to the First World War. My goal is to gradually collate them into one huge post for each era. As I complete each unit study super post, I shall post it on this page.

General Homeschool Articles

These will be, I hope, helpful posts in which I will share how I have homeschooled over the years and the lessons I have learnt along the way. The first article is not really an article at all 😁. In fact, it gives access to my Homeschool Log Book page which contains all of my log book entries. I write in my Homeschool Log Book once a month, detailing all the learning which has been happening throughout the previous four weeks. This page will give you a very clear idea of the inner workings of our homeschool.

Unit Studies

We have used unit studies for almost the entirety of our homeschool journey. From about age five all the way through to about age twelve unit studies are our mainstays. With this in mind, I try to cover every subject, including maths and science if possible. That said, the children always do a separate maths curriculum, and an Apologia Science curriculum. Other than that we look at people of the time, leaders of the time, play writes and writers of the time, artists, composers and scientists of the time…well, you get the picture. Basically we learn everything through the people and their talents.

My unit study posts will include everything you need to carry out your own study. They will include links to separate related lessons, a resource list and loads of creative ideas. I do hope they will be useful to you.

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