Home-Schooling with Work-Books: Feb/Mar

Over the past three months I have been building a home-school I can keep up with and that has a wide and broad scope of learning. I blog extensively about science {MEL Science, Curiosity Box Science, Apologia Science}, history and geography {MOH, our new Roman unit study}; maths {LOF maths} and art {Art Labs} but rarely blog about the ACE work books.

The girls work their way through one set of books every four to five weeks (approximately). Each set contains six books: Màths, English, Word Building, Creative Writing, Social Studies and Science. Abigail is now about four books behind in her màths so right now she is doing one maths book a week to help her catch up. The work books take an hour or so each day, and make up only a small amount of their school work, yet they are vitally important to me because I if I get caught up with the older children and their exams, I know that the little ones have at least covered the basics.

Rebecca’s Work-books

  • Maths – add and carry, borrow and subtract, add and subtract large numbers, multiply by 3, review multiplication 0, 1 and 2. Character Focus: Being diligent
  • English – Compound words, pronouns, cursive hand writing. Character focus: meekness
  • Word Building – 40 spelling words. Character focus: Being fair
  • Creative Writing – Story titles and endings, settings and character, verbs, reading ‘Summer Fun with Ace and Christy’. Character focus: forgiveness
  • Social Studies – Farming, rice and wheat farms; dairy and sheep farms. Character focus: Being thorough
  • Science – Learn about the sun, moon and earth. To learn about shadows. Character focus: Being dependable

Abigail’s Work-books

  • Maths – Sudoku, bar charts, multiplication and division. Character focus: Generosity
  • English – To learn about fourteen different synonyms. Character focus: Self-control
  • Word-Building – Fifty spelling words. Character focus: Being tactful
  • Literature and Creative Writing – John Paton, Ann Judson, Pandita Ramabai and David Livingstone. Write a letter to a missionary. Word maps. Write a sketch. Character focus: Remembering Godly instruction
  • Social Studies – Jim Elliot, missionary to Ecuador; Ecuador and the Waodani tribe. Character focus: Forgiveness
  • Science – Simple machines: inclined planes, levers, wheels. Character focus: Resourcefulness

The girls will be starting their new workbooks on Monday. I can’t reiterate enough what a great addition these are to our homeschool!