A few days ago we found out that our gorgeous sixteen year old lab had probable cancer. He had been deteriorating over the past few weeks to a point where his arthritis meant he was struggling to support his weight on his back legs. Yesterday we made the difficult decision to have him put down. The last time we had taken him to the vets (the week previously) he had been terrified, shaking like a leaf and defecating in the back of the car from, I suspect, fear. We felt he was too old and it would be too traumatic to take him to the vets so asked the vet to come to us.

The children opted not to be in the house when it happened, so it was just Gary and I. He died with his head nestled on top of my hand with Gary’s hand gently stroking the top of his head.

Oscar had been a part of our lives for sixteen years. He had nuzzled his way into each one of our hearts and there is a huge hole now he is no longer here. The children are heartbroken and bereft. They have never known a life without Oscar in it, and our home will never be the same.

Goodbye my friend. Rest well. We love you.