Happy 4th Birthday, Gorgeous Girl!

B blasted into our life four years ago with a huge wail and really didn’t stop wailing for a good couple of years!  She has by far been my hardest child, but with hard comes a deep love and an utter joy which is very difficult to put into words.  She has a huge, huge personality.  She is never moderately anything.  She is either laughing and very happy or crying like her world has come to an end; either full of energy or very tired and lethargic; very loud or very quiet…..B4 loves cuddles more than anything in the world, and I feel very blessed that as my youngest she seems to be growing up the slowest.  In contrast to A6 who just wants to be like her big sisters, B4 is very aware she is the littlest and often asks whether she is my baby even though she is ‘growin’ up bigger, mummy!’  Of course, she will always be my baby (as will T13 but shhhhh I’m not allowed to say that out loud).  I adore our blossoming relationship.  She is out spoken and very comical in her little ways.  She has her three big sisters wrapped around her little finger, and probably me too.  Gary and T are the only ones who are not bowled over by her cute grin and mischievous eyes – at least, they are but they are better at not showing it!  Although there is many a time Gary has to leave the room because she has said something comical (and probably a little cheekily) and he is unable to stop himself laughing.  We all thoroughly enjoy her company.

For the past few weeks we have been asked almost daily ‘Is this day, today, my birthday?’  It has been kind of cute because this year is the first year B3 now 4 has understood about birthdays and she was very certain of what she wanted.  Coco-pops, pasta, a camera, the beach and some Sunday shoes from Granny.  And we endeavored to make her dreams come true.

First things first, we went shoe shopping with Granny early morning.  Usually this happens on the Saturday before the birthday in question but this Saturday Gary was held up at work and we were unable to get to town to buy them.  So we went the morning of B’s birthday instead:

Ribbet collagebday13

Then back to ours for a quick present opening fest.  B had asked for a camera just like A6.  It is a digital camera but for children and is very robust:

Ribbet collagebday1

Ribbet collagebday2

cuddles to say thank you:

Ribbet collagebday3

followed by some cake cutting (we had found a Frozen themed cake, B was overjoyed!):

Ribbet collagebday4

B4 had asked to go to the beach and to eat pasta, so we drove down to Worthing, and ate at a lovely little Italian there, although she ended up choosing a pizza rather than pasta:

Ribbet collagebday5

After we had filled our bellies with food we burnt it off by going for a stroll along the beach.  We were very blessed because the tide was right out, which meant our walk was on the sand rather than the pebbles.  The weather was glorious the whole day long:

Ribbet collagebday9

Ribbet collagebday8

Ribbet collagebday7

Ribbet collagebday6

B then asked if she could play at the park and of course we said yes.  C is absolutely the best big sister anyone could wish for.  She is always happy to go in and play with or look after the little ones:

Ribbet collagebday10

We then bought an ice-cream for everyone, after which B announced she was tired.  It was time to go home:

Ribbet collagebday11

We all agreed this had been one of the most magical birthdays ever.  We have decided from now on to make going to the beach our birthday tradition, just with the family, rather than the elaborate parties.  There was something so special yet simple about yesterday, just ambling along, enjoying each other’s company amid these beautiful surroundings:


We all trooped home tired but very, very happy.