Georges Seurat {Impressionist Artist Study}

Georges Seurat

Last term Lillie spent a few happy weeks learning all about the Impressionist painters.  She studied one artist for two weeks.  This week’s artist is Georges Seurat who is well known for his pointillism.

Georges Seurat: Resources

She used the following books throughout her project:

capture  capture2

As well as the courses found here:

Artist studies

Resources Specific to Seurat

Georges Seurat Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat: Goals for this Study

  • Read about Georges Seurat and his paintings and create a scrap book page with a gallery of Georges Seurat’s paintings and a short biography:Georges Seurat suerat-2
  • To learn about pointillism as a method of painting, and how it works:

Georges Seurat



  • Carry out a study of the chosen piece of work by Seurat and write a blog post reviewing it.  Lillie has written the review and posted it to her own blog which you can find here:Georges Seurat
  • Produce your own copy or variation of the chosen painting/sculpture:Georges Seurat seurat-2 Georges Seurat And her final piece:Georges Seurat
  • Lillie had the privilege of seeing the original ‘Bathers at Asnières’ painting when we went to The National Gallery together (apologies for quality – I haven’t quite figured out my phone yet 🙂  ):Georges Seurat

I think I have one more artist to write about, which is Renoir.

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