Frugal Goal: Saving an extra ten pounds each month

A couple of years ago we swapped our Wheatabix for oats.  Doing this saved us a few pounds each week and used up considerably less milk saving us even more in the process.  We roll our own oats.  Not religiously, but my son prefers them and as he is up first and cooks breakfast, he is highly motivated.  I usually roll them the night before and let them soak in water over night.  He adds milk and heats them up.  They take minutes.  Rolling them myself means I buy oat groats instead of porridge oats.  I buy them on-line in bulk at a cost of £24 for 8 kilos.  Surprisingly, this is a very expensive way to eat oats.  That said, it creates the most delicious and nutritional porridge each morning.  The oat groats are rolled to the plumpest, most moist oats ever known to man.  They are huge and taste good even when eaten raw on their own and they make the most divine muesli.  But at £3 a kilo, I knew this was a place I could save even more money.

When I first got my roller and searched for someone to provide the groats, there was only one place which came up in my search.  They were fairly nearby and whilst expensive, I felt it was worth it.  We buy twice a year and pay just under £9 for delivery of a few 8 kilo tubs.  I knew this wasn’t sustainable, but goodness they taste good!  We are now shopping at Asda (lower cost supermarket) and have decreased our food bill to something much more manageable.  Own brand porridge oats cost just £1.30 per kilo.

Reluctant to give up freshly rolled, incredibly nutritious oats, I had one final search on-line.  Not terribly hopeful at finding success, I was very excited to find Real Foods.  I am able to buy 6kg of oat groats for just £7.34, which works out at £1.20, 10 pence less than Asda!  And postage is free.

To continue buying from my previous provider it would cost me £19.50 per month including postage and packaging.  Buying from Asda it would cost me £7.80 per month.  Buying from my new provider costs me just £7.34 including postage.  This saves me £12.16 for exactly the same product.  I could even go organic and still save £9.38.

One of my five-in-five frugal goals this term was to find a way to save £10 per month.  This fits the bill nicely.  I have placed my first order and am happily awaiting delivery.