From a Tiny Acorn Mighty Oaks Grow

A week or so ago I was in the kitchen creating some sedimentary rock with bones buried or half buried inside (like you do).  In order to create one of the layers I needed to mix some earth with the plaster.  I popped outside to find some and came across a pot with some lovely compost, on top of which sat what I thought was a weed.

Happily I began mixing until T14 yelled through the window, ‘Hey, who’s stolen my compost?!’  ‘And where’s my special plant?’

Uh oh!  Ooops.  Looking suitable chastened, I admitted it was me.  I explained that I hadn’t known it was a plant (actually I had known it was a plant (of course) but thought it was a weedy one and therefore of no use).  Telling him I had dumped it out in the flower bed, he indignantly fetched it:


It turns out that whilst he was doing one of his gardening jobs, he had come across a little acorn beginning its growth to a mighty oak.  He thought it would be perfect to show his little sisters how oaks grow from an acorn as it included a tiny root system as well as a stem and leaf:


I turned to hug him as I wondered how many other 14 year old boys would, not only be considering their little sisters’ education, but also care enough to transport the little plant home on their bike.  The man he works for lives a 60 minute bike ride away.  It warmed my heart as I thought about how much care he would have taken to ensure the tiny plant’s safety.  And I had nearly ruined it all by tossing it aside 🙁

But A7’s response warmed my heart even more.  She was so excited!  She examined the plant, fetching her science kit and magnifying glass to get a really good look, and then began packing a bag:


In her bag she placed a trowel, the plant and a bottle of water, telling Gary and I that she would be replanting it during our evening walk in the woods.  That night she lifted her bag and her camera and off we went:


She tried to find earth that was soft, but also out-of-the-way so her little plant would not get trodden on.  She tried a few different places:


until Gary came across the perfect position:


He helped her dig a hole large enough, she then popped her little oak in the hole:


and filled in the earth around it:


And even though it had been raining just a few hours before, she watered it with her bottle of water 🙂


I feel so utterly blessed by my family.  A thoughtful gift for a much loved sister, which brought her so much joy, is a true blessing in deed.   <3