February Blues

winter blues

Literally anyone who has been reading my blog for long enough knows that every year I sink into The Great Depression.

Claire, are you really comparing your mild low mood to a time of famine and, ahem, depression.

Well, yes, yes, I am…

Oh okay, no, I guess I’m not. That would be waaaay too narcissistic, and we all know I am never that…

Or maybe I am?

This year the blues started particularly early, at the beginning of January.

The beginning of January, People!!

Bah humbug! I’m not up for being a grumpy old woman for two months. February was bad enough, for goodness sake.

But there seems to be light at the end of the potentially two month long tunnel…

I may be mixing up all sorts of metaphors and sayings and goodness knows what else.

It’s February. I can’t think a straight thought in February.

Now where was I? Oh yes, the light.

It is the middle of February and I am feeling brighter. Life does not feel like wading through tar. I did not wake up this morning feeling like I had never gone to bed. And…AND…I don’t feel like crying all the time anymore.

Yay me!

My family can all breathe a collective sigh of relief and welcome the mother they all know and love back into the fold.

Credit where credit is due though…

My family rock me being all February-ish (otherwise known as nightmarish). I mean, it’s not like they are completely enamoured by my February cloak of depression, but they do all bolster me tremendously.

My poor son wandering into our bedroom last week to find me sobbing into my pillow. Horrified he gave me a cuddle asking what on earth had upset me.


He patted me rather condescendingly and muttered something about thanking goodness there wasn’t anything really wrong.

Bah humbug! February was something wrong!

But, over this weekend, as quickly as they came, the bloooos have upped and gone.

And it’s still February. Get me!

I may start blogging regularly, I may tell you all about my master’s degree, I may even tell you about all the house renovations Gary and I have been doing.

Because even though I do get a bad case of the blues every February, I never let them beat me. I have still got up every morning and homeschooled my two younger children, even though I haven’t wanted to. I have still (mainly) cooked for everyone and kept on top of the laundry, even though I haven’t wanted to. I have been available for any amount of snuggly cuddles with my youngest (something that’s good for me as well as her ❤️). I have supported my own teens and any other teen who has turned up at our home (this is always something I want to do ❤️). And I have still worked along side Gary in sprucing up our home a little (ditto, it’s Gary after all ❤️❤️).

I may be down, but I’m never out.


Have I mentioned?

I feel better.