Email Pen Pals, Anyone?

L13 has been incredibly blessed to have been approached by long time readers of my blog, asking if she could maybe become email pen pals with their respective daughters.  She has had one for a few months now and they email each other almost daily and she is about to begin writing to another pen pal, who is interested in exchanging thoughts and ideas about jewellery.


Charlotte would also love to have an email pen pal, preferably a girl a similar age (she will be fourteen in October) or older who loves to write and who would be interesting sharing their writing with her and reading her writing in return; someone who would enjoy sharing ideas and book lists.

Charlotte adores reading almost anything, is passionate about most music genres and loves to write and learn about God.

Obviously, for safety reasons, it would need to be a daughter of someone I am familiar with (ie who has left messages or even better has a blog of their own).

If any of you have a daughter (or are a daughter) who would like to be email pen pals with my very quirky and fun loving twin, please leave a comment or drop me an email.

Thank you x