Elementary Schedule

At the beach yesterday
At the beach yesterday

Over the last few weeks we have been working on getting ourselves in a good schedule for the first time since B2 was born.  Change always takes a while and is often accompanied by much upheaval, but I can honestly say it has been worth it.  Balance has returned to our lives.  And it needed to.  A few days ago I posted the little ones’ schedule.  Here is the older children’s as promised:

Before 900am:   Chores, breakfast, walk, snack

900-1030am:      Independent study: Writing assignment, maths lesson and Bible study

1030-1100am:     Play outside with little sisters

1100-1200:     One child to prepare lunch (home-made soup, croutons, grated cheese) and batch of muffins

One child to do B4FIAR tray activities with littles for 30 mins/ then work on individual project for 30 mins

One child work on individual projects for 30 mins/ then do some B4FIAR activities with little sisters for 30 mins

Each day the children swap around

12-100pm:      Lunch

T11 does his writing (T11 maths takes longer than the girls and he was finding he didn’t have enough time to do his writing,  so asked for extra time)

The older three girls do a quick tidy up after morning school, wash and dry up after lunch and do most of the preparations for a tea and muffin, to have during read aloud time

100-200pm:  Whilst B2 is napping and A4 is in quiet time I read aloud to the older children.  On average I read about 6 pages each day.

Afterwards they read their current school book until 200pm

200-400pm:      Free time (except Friday when Gary is home early-Pond study)

400-500pm:      I do some subject school with the older ones

Monday:    History of Science/ Food Science/ Apologia Science

Tuesday:    History of Art/ Art study

Wednesday:  Geography of the country we are learning about

Thursday:       Literature of the era we are studying

Friday:             Gary is home early- Pond study

I love being on a schedule.  I appreciate it all the more for not having had one for the past two years.  I’m a happy bunny (oh, and so are the children!)