Creating a Haven for Charlotte

As you all know, Charlotte has many, many medical diagnoses (ME, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, non epileptic seizure disorder, tic disorder and functional neurological disorder with a hallucinogenic component, generalised anxiety disorder…). In an attempt to do something, anything, which might help her, I decided to turn her bedroom into a haven of peace and tranquillity. I researched the colours which seem to calm and relax. Between us we chose to go with a pale lemon and duck egg blue.

First, we painted it a pale sunshiny colour:

Next we painted the book case with a chalky duck egg paint:

I sewed together four curtains to make a much thicker pair, which looked so much better:

And added a few bits and pieces to complete the look. At least, Gary did on account of the fact that he won’t let me near his drill 😢

I shall let the photos do much of the talking:

Duck egg duvet covers on a new double duvet
Some art work above their wardrobe door
This is Lillie’s side with her hand made by Gary jewellery hooks
She has a lovely mirror we found at the dump (!), a plaque found at a charity shop, with the special quote she has on the necklace I had specially made for her, an antique looking clock and a quote from Alice in Wonderland.
The lovely thick curtains, held back with some magnetic duck egg blue curtain ties, and some silk flowers on the window sill. Each of the girls have a lamp up on the wall behind their beds
A close up of the curtain ties
This is Charlotte’s side. She also has a plaque with the words I had printed on her special necklace, and her hat hooks made especially for her by Gary
In between the two beds is a table, again found at the tip, a duck egg basket for the girls to keep all their bits and pieces to keep the top of the table fairly clear
Charlotte’s beloved book shelf
View from Lillie’s bed

I’m so pleased with the results. It is warm yet very calming. The girls love it and hopefully it will be a lovely relaxing place for Charlotte to come and rest in when she is feeling rough.