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CompuScholar, Inc.

I was immediately intrigued by the courses offered by CompuScholar, Inc. the company formerly known as Homeschool Programming.  We use the computer in our school every single day and yet have never taken the time to do any sort of course or increase our understanding of information technology.  I thought the beginner course, Digital Savvy, would be too simple for my teens as they were doing much of what was in the course already, and their Java Programming looked to be a bit advanced for us; however, their Web Design course looked absolutely perfect!

CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design

What is Web Design?

Web Design teaches the student to create their own web page using HTML and CSS.  Although I have a blog I do not consider myself computer literate in any way.  And although the children have been brought up using computers, they are about as literate as I am!  This Web Design course looked like a perfect way to formally teach them (and me) a little more computer-speak, as well as help them to design their own web page as step towards their future careers.

Web Design covers the following skill areas:

  • Basic web site layout
  • HTML5 symbols and elements
  • Text styles
  • Hyperlinks and navigation bars
  • CSS effects, spacing and positioning
  • Graphics and image editing
  • Tables
  • Page design principles
  • Dynamic menus
  • Embedded audio and video
  • JavaScript and jQuery

As the lessons progress, the student is able to create two of their own web pages.

How Did We Use Web Design?

Both Thomas and Lillie used this program.  Thomas, because he wanted to learn how to make a landing-place from which he could link his Music-Based Facebook Page, blog and recordings; Lillie, because she also wanted a landing-place for her Jewellery business which would include her Etsy page, Facebook page and blog.  For these goals CompuScholar, Inc’s Web Design course was perfect.

Each of the 28 chapters contains a variable number of lessons, as well as an activity and a final exam.  Each lesson contains a video of the lesson, a lesson transcript and a lesson quiz:

Each video was high quality and easy to understand.  The lesson text was useful to have up for when you take the test, just in case there is anything you haven’t fully understood from the video.  The tests are fairly easy and are immediately marked.  You have three attempts.

What Did We Think of CompuScholar?

Both Thomas and Lillie enjoyed using this program, with Thomas probably getting more out of it than Lillie.  I think Thomas was quite surprised by how much he already knew.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I had picked up simply by being a blogger and I have to admit that the HTML code in the text part of my blog now makes complete sense to me.

I suspect both children would have enjoyed putting together their own web page on a topic which interests them rather than doing the one the course recommended on Raptors.  I understand that they will be able to transfer the knowledge they are learning and build their own, but they did not enjoy building something which they would never have any use for.

All in all, this is a thorough web design course which is in-depth enough for those with some knowledge of computers and yet simple enough to understand if one has very little knowledge of computers.

Connect with CompuScholar

CompuScholar, Inc. used to be known as Homeschool Programming so I have included both in the collection of social media links for you to follow:

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Twitter –   @hsprogramming

CompuScholar, Inc   @compuscholar

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CompuScholar, Inc.CompuScholar have three computer science courses on offer right now.  The first is the Web Design course that we are currently using and reviewing.  They also do a Digital Savvy  course ( which “improves the student’s computer skills and prepares them for later Information Technology courses” ) and a Java Programming course ( which “teaches students all Java skills required on the “AP Computer Science A” exam” )

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