Children’s Corner: An Introduction to the Angelicscalliwag Rag


Apologies for the double post today.  This one was supposed to go out tomorrow!

I’ve been thinking about a Children’s Corner for a while, a place my older ones can post and maybe make contact with some other home schoolers out there.  Between us, we have decided to write an online magazine.  This would be historical in nature, for now mainly concentrating on Ancient History.  As we go through each period in history only once (as apposed to four year cycles as seems to be the norm) this will serve as a useful revision of a period the children studied when they were much younger.  It will also be a great way to increase their (and my) computer skills.

The Angelicscalliwag Rag, as it will be called, will come out on a monthly basis and will be a collaborative effort between all three elder siblings and using each of their strengths to hopefully produce something worth reading.  We also hope it might be helpful for others studying the ancient times (and yes, we had considered using that as a name!).  Our goal is to use our Fridays (often a lazy-ish day), to work on it.  Just two pages long, we hope to include puzzles, competitions, education news pertinent to Ancient times, as well as stories, recipes and craft ideas.  We will be encouraging readers to email comments and suggestions for our editorial, as well submitting articles for use in future editions.

Each month I will write a brief post outlining all that is included in the issue.  Directly underneath will be a picture link (similar to the one at the bottom of this post) which will take you straight onto a downloadable, fully printable copy of that month’s Angelicscalliwag Rag.

We hope you will find it useful and would very much enjoy any suggestions or input that you or your children would like to offer.