Fun, Futures, and Following Dreams

This has been such an amazing week 🙂  It seems like forever since I felt this way, although certainly we were getting there last term.  This term, however, has been truly wonderful so far.  We are always a happier family when we are working hard and even more so if what we are learning is…


Goals for the Week Ahead

School Goals Bible (830-9): Continue with Apologia 'Who am I?, personal devotion times with the little ones using Grapevine Studies (stick figuring through the Bible) Maths (9-945): B5 - 5 lessons; A7 - 8 lessons; C13 - 5 lessons or more; L13 - 5 lessons; T14 - 10 lessons Morning Meeting (945-1045): Mystery of History (3…


Weekly Schedule: Term 1, Week 3

I have decided to begin posting each week's schedules.  This is entirely for my benefit, firstly to keep me on the straight and narrow and secondly to show me exactly what I achieve each week so when I go through weeks/days/years of worrying how unproductive I am I have something to look at to reassure…

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